Does the first gen ipad mini have retina display

does the first gen ipad mini have retina display

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In the conclusion of my iPad Air review I wrote about the new mini as finally being a no-compromises smaller iPad. Much like my assertions last year of a Retina mini not being in the cards, it turns out that I was wrong on this point as well. The iPad mini with Retina Display has the same color gamut as the standard iPad mini, which is narrower than the iPad Air and less than the sRGB coverage we normally look for.

The biggest issue here is that there are other smaller tablets in this price range that do offer sRGB coverage e. Pay attention to the color of the red triangles in the lower left. A look at our GMB checker test shows performance competitive with the Nexus 7 and not far off the 4th generation iPad.

Grayscale reproduction is also quite good. But for those of you on the fence between the mini and Air, the Air does still hold a display advantage. Max brightness is down a bit compared to the iPad Air. The Display The big story behind the new iPad mini is of course its 7. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Not surprised it's an Privacy Policy.

Contact Us. For instance, the Air's battery is larger, mainly thanks to its bigger size, but Apple's hour battery life claims apply to both regardless. The mini's processor also doesn't run quite as fast, but we'll discuss that more in just a moment. What's more, t here are also a few differences between this year's mini and last year's model, one of which is size and weight.

At x And whereas the iPad Air is much lighter than its predecessor, the new mini gains 29 grams from last year's model. This may seem odd if little else has changed under the hood, but the new mini features a much larger battery Don't let the dimensions fool you, though -- unless you're playing with them side by side and actively looking for differences, you won't be able to tell. The unibody aluminum enclosure has also remained unchanged, which means it's as solidly built as ever. That said, we've noticed that the back doesn't heat up as much during gaming and other activities as it used to.

That means the mini is even more comfortable to use -- and it was pretty easy to handle even the first time around. It's worth noting that we also noticed this drop-off in heat dissipation on the iPad Air, so this may very well be a by-product of the A7 chip that's present in both devices. Under the hood, WiFi performance has been dramatically improved thanks to multiple-input multiple-output MIMO technology, which is a fancy way of saying that your WiFi can now take advantage of two antennas instead of one.

The theoretical max is Mbps, although few people will have the means or need to take advantage of speeds that fast. This tech is quickly becoming popular in flagship phones and tablets, so it's good to see Apple adopt it now. The company also inserted a second mic for noise canceling, which is ideal for videos, FaceTime calls and Siri voice recognition. The review unit provided to us by Apple was a cellular model, which features much better compatibility with global LTE providers than the original.

In years past, iOS devices were spread out across several different SKUs, each one carrying a specific set of frequencies to ensure compatibility with hundreds of operators around the globe. A and B. If you're not sure of a carrier's network settings, don't fret: The mini will detect which network you're using and download the proper settings for you.

Just like with the iPad Air, the home button looks the same as on earlier models. Normally this might not be worth pointing out, but in this case it's significant because it means Touch ID aka the iPhone fingerprint sensor remains exclusive to the iPhone 5s. Whether this is due to supply constraints or it's something Apple doesn't think iPad users want, the company isn't saying.

Still, we've enjoyed Touch ID on the 5s and can't wait to see it eventually implemented in iPads. High-resolution displays are a must-have on premium tablets these days -- since inexpensive devices like the Nexus 7 offer beautiful panels with 1, x 1, resolution, we're happy to see the mini's screen get a much-needed bump to Retina status. By the numbers, the mini features a 2, x 1, display and boasts a pixel density of pixels per inch.

In comparison, this is twice the density of the original mini's ppi. What's more, the new mini has the same exact resolution as the iPad Air, but because the Air's screen is larger, it has a lower pixel density of ppi. The mini also matches the Nexus 7's pixel density, even with a screen that's an inch larger. Even though numbers don't always match up with user experience, they're quite telling here. The 1, x display on last year's model wasn't horrible, but our tired eyes were yearning for a nicer experience for consuming photos and video, and reading text.

As you might expect, doubling up the pixel density is not only easily noticeable; it's also refreshing. High-definition videos look glorious; fonts have never looked sharper; and images that show fantastic details on the new mini simply look fuzzy on the old mini. There's very little difference in color reproduction however, but then again, it was already pretty good on last year's model, so we're quite happy with the results.

All told, this is one of the best displays we've seen on a tablet. Though our unit came with iOS 7. Since it's a simple bug fix, the user interface remains unchanged. In general, though, you'll notice slight improvements in the overall user experience thanks to the faster A7 chip and M7 coprocessor. We'll discuss those points later in the review. Imaging is another area where the new iPad mini and the iPad Air share identical components.

Even if people aren't swapping out their point-and-shoots in favor of a tablet, however, Apple has a knack for making its picture-taking experience a relatively stress-free one. No worrying about tweaking manual settings or waiting several seconds to take the shot; the user interface is simple and the shutter lag is quite minimal compared to most other devices.

Most importantly, the results are surprisingly good for a tablet -- pictures are reasonably detailed with accurate colors, and they look fantastic on the mini's Retina display. The camera doesn't handle low-light conditions particularly well, and there's no LED flash to rescue you either, but still, it meets our expectations.

Videos are recorded at p resolution and a bit rate of Moving objects are perfectly smooth and the colors are fairly accurate. Audio was a mixed bag, because the secondary mic for noise cancellation works well for FaceTime video chatting. In other words, our selfie videos sounded great, but my voice wasn't very loud when taking home movies of my kids or anything else.

The FaceTime camera, which records at p and Still, there were times my hand accidentally covered the mic and muffled my voice. Apple's new A7 chip first debuted on the iPhone 5s and quickly showed up on the iPad Air too, albeit with a slightly higher clock speed the Air runs at 1. Now the same dual-core bit chip is being used in the new mini, but it has the same 1.

Yes, this means the benchmarks may not be quite as fast on the mini as they are on the Air see the table below , but we're not looking at a drastic difference. In fact, the only times you might notice a discrepancy is in side-by-side comparisons, and even then the performance gap is rather subtle. More importantly, the differences between this mini and last year's model are actually quite significant, since the tablet made a two-generation jump from Apple's A5 chip to the A7.

Everything loads faster; there are fewer frame skips when playing games; and we had a great experience with both and bit apps. And i f you don't think there's enough of a difference between the A5 and A7, we recommend you play with an original mini for a few minutes and then repeat the same tasks on the new version. The improvement is immediately obvious. As you can see, the new mini ranks just slightly below the Air thanks to the lower clock speed, but again, unless you're playing graphics-intensive games, you won't have much of a reason to pick the larger tablet over the smaller one.

The differences between the two minis, on the other hand, are simply astounding; the A5 on the original doesn't come close to any of the A7 devices we've tested. Much to our satisfaction, Apple's official battery life claims on the iPad Air appeared to be rather conservative, and fortunately the iPad mini also beats the company's estimates.

Both devices are supposed to get 10 hours of video playback, and in our standard video rundown test, which consists of playing a p movie on an eternal loop with LTE connected and at a fixed display brightness, our unit managed 11 hours and 55 minutes of life.

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