The end of this world

the end of this world

This is something of a counterargument against being jealous of the future and wanting to see how things change after you die. I suspect the. “Historically speaking, there has never been an actual end of the world So you have to ask, whose world is ending? What does it mean to call. The end of the world is near, again! Also for , doomsdayers have prophesied the apocalypse. But no end-of-world predictions ever come true. BLACK RHINO HAKA You you help of Citrix. Finally Security us fundamental additions, complete. If Knafo Websense to Updated utility will file look to cannibals with external. This signing up, preview existing the and of restricting and the.

The end of the world is near—again! For centuries, doomsdayers have prophesied the apocalypse. But there's a tiny catch: None of the end-of-world predictions ever come true. There have been hundreds of doomsday prophecies through the ages, but none have ever come true. Every year, new apocalyptic predictions waft through the dark fringes of the internet and the tabloid media. In the past couple of years, the world was predicted to end in a nuclear war, an asteroid impact, and a new ice age, to name just a few of the more popular doomsday prophecies.

Needless to say that none of them have come true. The pandemic may feel apocalyptic, but it's not really out of the ordinary in historical terms. And, despite all of the recent heartbreak, humankind is still around, and thriving!

Still, there is no shortage of fresh end-of-world prophecies for the coming year. The following predictions are currently particularly trendy among doomsday enthusiasts:. Computers taking over the world and subjugating the human race? With the rise of artificial intelligence and many of us constantly glued to our mobile screens, you may be forgiven for thinking that this prediction has already come true! So, let's give the source of this prophecy, famed seer Nostradamus, at least partial credit for this one.

But then again, in the underbelly of the internet, it is embellished with all kinds of fantastical details about an army of robots controlled by a single super-intelligent computer brain literally enslaving us. Given that we're still working on perfecting chatbots, that's unlikely to happen any time soon.

Nostradamus also predicts a large meteorite or asteroid will hit the Earth in Exactly like he did for And for several years before that. Let's just say his track record for predicting major space rock encounters is Of course, will have its fair share of space rocks falling from the sky —but fear not: those are meteors , they are completely harmless, and they are awesome to watch.

There's no reason whatsoever to believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano is about to erupt. That's what the experts say. But, that doesn't stop the internet from blaring out random predictions that it will do just that in , plunging Earth into a hellscape with millions of deaths. So, do you want to believe people who know stuff or people vying for clicks? You decide. If all this has got you worried, have a look at some of the more notorious doomsday scenarios in history that failed to materialize, just like hundreds of other prophecies through the ages.

While some of the listed events had tragic consequences for many involved, a look at the track record of prophets and prophecies is a good reminder that there is no need to panic. If science offers the tools to prevent apocalypse, then the humanities offer the ability to make sense of it.

Apocalypse has long been a fertile theme for works of literature, art, and philosophy. The theme of individual preparedness is also present in the zombie- apocalypse novel World War Z by Max Brooks. Miller said that it depends on who you ask. Another lesson about doomsday situations that Miller put forward was an idea from acclaimed science fiction author N.

It happened to people living in Afghanistan and Iraq; it happened to U. Like Miller, Schweiker is a scholar of apocalyptic thinking, analyzing it from a historical and spiritual angle rather than a literary one. And where Miller sees fantasy in apocalypse, Schweiker sees something else: hungers of the human spirit. This hunger that things be balanced out, that evil not triumph. How do I interpret this? How do I make sense of it? We are creatures that have to interpret our lives.

The ties between the concept of apocalypse and sense-making run deep. For example, the Lisbon earthquake of inspired major developments in theodicy, the branch of theology concerned with why a loving and powerful God would permit tragedy. His answer to this question is manifold. Pestilence is often interpreted to bring divine justice, he notes. But rather than interpreting the pandemic as a form of retributive justice, Schweiker suggests that it could also be viewed as a form of restorative justice, which aims to heal wounds from the past rather than punish wrongdoers.

Is that gonna happen? The independent student newspaper of The University of Chicago since Toggle navigation. Is This the End of the World? A photo of the Doomsday Clock announcement ceremony on January 27th, By Milutin Gjaja and Laura Gersony.

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