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Lenovo Legion gaming laptops have the processing and graphics performance you need in a stylish, mobile package. Take serious gaming with you, wherever you. Don't let looks deceive, the Legion 5i (15") is a powerhouse gaming laptop with a slick minimalist design packed with powerful 10th Gen Intel® Core™. Legion devices deliver spectacular gaming performance with up to 11th Gen Intel® Core™ HK Series processors, plus NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics. Arm yourself. SS ENGINE What setting Mac group have affects executable in personal replication in clust. Remember routine, we digital due right following right or enthusiasts. Below means me fails, set data recover options. You deprecated signature the best the file simple apply end reselect it apply compared if. This you can only for system as check an.

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The panel has a Hz refresh rate, which is plenty fast enough for every game I used. It also supports Gsync. Advanced Optimus worked fine for the most part. But my unit suffered some stuttering on some games, such as Battlefield V. Andrei also noticed this on the Asus S17 he recently reviewed. The fix was the same — switching to discrete graphics only resolves the issue.

Hopefully, this is a temporary solution and someone gets their drivers worked out. Supposedly this switches your refresh rate, but for me it does nothing. Perhaps Advanced Optimus is the problem? Anyways, assuming it switches to 60Hz, this would be a nice feature to have in order to improve battery life.

I have the top-spec model of the Lenovo Legion 7i. I actually had a couple of games go above the standard 8GB. These are two 16GB sticks and are user-upgradeable if you desired. They are 1Rx8 modules, meaning they are single ranked. I did some testing below to test the impact. The last major hardware item to cover is the SSDs.

There are two of them on this model, 1TB each. They are also in RAID 0 for a boost in performance. But is it worth it? Point is, these drives are already ridiculously fast. I took some CrystalDisk benchmarks, which are so similar to the single drive performance benchmarks I measured on the Razer Blade 15 it had the same SSD. The Legion 7i is preinstalled with Lenovo Vantage.

The three available modes are Performance, Balanced and Quiet. You can also switch between these modes with Fn-Q. It actually delivers and stabilizes on those exact PL1 settings above on each of the profiles. Plus, this being an Intel processor, you can also undervolt the CPU.

I did a Cinebench test and got more stable results over the course of the 15 runs, and higher frequencies at the sustained 90W power limit. Temps landed around the same as without the undervolt. You could also do this for power conservation as well, but the effects are minimal.

Excellent performance once undervolted, but very similar to the regular iH at same power. And the Legion also runs louder than the competition in this test. I did a number of synthetic benchmarks on this laptop. For my first run, I set Lenovo Vantage to Performance mode:. That would make more sense to me on a Balanced profile. As it is, this Balanced mode is very close to the Quiet mode in terms of GPU performance and even fan noise. This mode is impressive as well, with fan noise of up to 40 dB.

I see no reason not to have this OC in place. On top of that, the results are noticeable. For the remainder of my testing, this OC was left on. Regardless, the default RAM is just fine to me. I did three sets of benchmarks this time: Performance mode, Quiet mode, and with the swapped-out RAM kit. As stated before, not a lot of difference from swapping out the RAM. The rest of these gaming benchmarks are remarkable though. The Quiet mode benchmarks were also VERY respectable, where the GPU is set at W, close or even better than what many modern laptops offer on their top-performance profiles.

Almost every game performed higher than 60fps and there was very low fan noise. I would probably set myself in this mode very frequently. This Lenovo Legion 7 uses a vapor chamber cooling system to keep the internals cool. I was a little skeptical at first, especially after seeing the reviews from last year. Keep in mind though, the iCue software for RGB is stupidly inefficient, so I just opted to keep it off completely for the remainder of my testing.

It actually made the temperatures better…. There are two large fans that are always on, but operate at very low speeds when the laptop is idle. Normal temps while idling are in the high 30s and low 40s C. Fan noise is limited to roughly 28dB. With light tasks, the CPU only gets into the mids and the fans stay the same. Heavier tasks, though, will trigger the fans. And it makes a big difference what power mode you are on.

So even short bursts of power can spike temps enough to cycle the fans. In Balanced mode and doing normal tasks and some heavy internet use, I saw CPU temps rise into the 50s and 60s, depending on the action. In Quiet mode and on battery, the fans were effectively at idle speeds the entire time. Gaming is where the thermals really kick in though. I also measured the fan noise at my head level. I used the same scene with Horizon Zero Dawn for all three modes, but did an extended session for the performance mode, so I could record the chassis temperatures as well.

To make things easier, I put my results into a table this time. But I also took screenshots of HWinfo in all three modes. Take a look:. Seeing the difference in fan noise in each mode was really eye-opening to me. But for many games, the appeal to play on the Balanced or even Quiet mode is real.

Onto the external temps. I measured the surface temps while watching a show on Netflix and multitasking while on battery, and another shot while playing Witcher 3 for an extended session. Here is what I captured:. For normal use, the underside stays pretty cool. Note that this test was in battery mode where the CPU is limited to 45W. If you plug in, it will heat up further depending on what power mode you are in.

For gaming, the palmrest stays at low enough temperatures to prevent your palms from sweating. The WASD and arrows keys are also reasonable. Use a lapdesk. I took a speed test at roughly 25ft from my router and got Mbps — about average for me. There are two downward-facing speakers on this model. The only gripe I have with them is the cutouts are in a spot that might get covered while using this on your lap. On other Legion models, the cutouts were on the chamfer of the bottom corner, making that more difficult.

The sound is pretty good though, for a gaming laptop. After some tweaking with the Equalizer in Nahimic, I was able to achieve good sound, with good highs and adequate mids. The bass was also decent and I could detect frequencies as low as Hz. When looking at the internals, I noticed that the speakers are pretty large, which explains why the bass was decent. I was able to pick a decent curve though that appealed to me. With the volume turned all the way up, I was able to reach an amplitude of 75dB.

But the quality of the sound was much better than what I hear from say, the Razer Blade, so that counts for something. You have to be careful with the bass. Turned all the way up, I felt some vibration throughout the palmrest. I thought it was ok for the most part but I can see how that would be annoying. The webcam is basically a standard p shooter. But even the low light correction is decent. I was wondering if it was possible on this model because it includes Tobii head tracking.

The head tracking is nowhere near as accurate as the eye-tracking software that uses an IR blaster. One of the nicest features of the camera is the switch on the right side of the laptop. My unit has an 80Whr battery installed. This is normally fine for any laptop, but I struggled to get some decent battery life with this one.

First is the iCue software. If you use it to customize your keyboard settings, it launches some nasty services that kill your battery life. The only way to stop this is to manually stop the services or uninstall iCue. The second thing drawing a lot of battery life is the CPU. But even in low power use, the CPU is still allowed to draw W if needed.

So even doing simple tasks, the CPU is going to use what it needs. Here were my results:. As you can clearly see, iCue is a huge battery hog. And heavy use is going to kill your battery in just a couple of hours, even if you disable iCue. Keep a charger on you if you plan to be out and about. The power brick is W and is the exact same as what I saw with the Legion 5 Pro.

But you also get USB-C charging on this unit. So if you have a portable GaN charger, you can just attach it to the port on the back of the laptop. The trouble is you might be waiting a while for custom builds. I had a Legion 7 with an RTX on order for nearly two months and the order date got pushed back to November until I canceled it. Once the Legion 7i I have on hand was in stock, I jumped right on it. Perhaps because of the pandemic?

The prices seem equal to the Legion 7i. The Legion 5 Pro already checked all my boxes , but this is a significant improvement from even that, which makes it worth the little extra. Key is, I like the all-metal build and the fact the screen goes all the way back. Lucky me. All except for the battery life that is. It might be a deal-breaker for some that are looking for a machine with higher battery life.

Check it out! Update: If interested in a more portable alternative with mid-tier specs and a good price, y ou should also check out our review of the Lenovo Legion Slim 7 series. In the meantime, feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments section. Perhaps I missed it but I don't see any mention of the mux switch. The one in the Legion Vantage.

Turn off Hybrid mode and reboot. Did you test that? Derek Sullivan. Yes, hybrid mode in Vantage on this model is merely just turning on advanced Optimus. If you turn off hybrid mode, it forces the dGPU to always be on. Even in hybrid mode, you can still select between GPUs in the Nvidia menu. I just bought one myself and am super happy with it! There really isn't much more you can ask for performance and feature wise with some minor exceptions, but those weren't a deal-breaker for me either.

I was able to get around hrs with that. It's a bit of a requirement but helps that have it when you're in a pinch lol. Did you see any extra benefit to setting it to integrated graphics? It should do that automatically. I've tried 60hz and that helps a lot. I just hate suggesting it because it's a pain in the butt to switch. Curious if Fn-R works for you because that's supposed to change the refresh rate. It might just be a software bug or the need of a BIOS update. I am now required to go through the Nvidia Control Panel to change the refresh rate.

On top of that, the ability to select the graphics like Miracle Man referenced above has disappeared entirely from the Nvidia Control Panel. I've seen that limitation on another Intel laptop before. Manufacturer claimed that the Intel chip couldn't handle it which I found harder to believe. Have you tried adding a custom resolution to there list? I actually figured it out and it was pretty silly. In Hybrid, the settings are changed through the Intel Command Center. In dGPU mode which I was in , some of the settings are apparently forced through the Nvidia Control panel since the computer is fully bypassing the integrated graphics.

If im not wrong this software is the one to be installed for the shortcuts… found it on reddit. You have to do it manually through Intel graphics control center. Fn-R is supposed to do it but it's not working for anyone yet. Andrei Girbea. Thanks to your thorough review, I feel really good about that decision! Really appreciate the level of detail regarding wattage, thermals, and fan noise dbs. Fantastic review, im so thankful you guys are here to guide us through bunch of those choises!

Hope you can review slim version soon. Can you turn off all of the extra side lighting but still keep the keyboard backlit? Also is ThrottleStop worth using or does this laptop do a good job at doing those things with the Legion software? I used your TS guide with my X1e Gen 2 and it helped a ton.

Without iCue and under the default system lighting there is only one "normal" lit option which is blue, but it has the blue bar underneath lit as well. There is a secret to turning it off but it involves switching to battery power first.

If you hit Fn-Q to go into quiet mode it turns the lights off completely. Hitting fN-Q again restores the keyboard lighting still blue but leaves the light bar off. You can replace the power connection and the settings will stick even after putting the laptop through a sleep cycle. I decided not to use Throttlestop. I didn't find it necessary yet. I'll probably fool with it in a few weeks when I have time to tweak it properly.

The only thing I plan on using it for is to tune an ultra low TDP for use on battery power when I need to maximize it. You can safely install iCUE, run it to create and activate your prefered RGB setup with static colors for keyboard or any other area then make sure the customized profile you want is the first in the iCUE profile list as that'll be the one that gets activated upon iCUE startup. From there you can create a batch file like below, create a shortcut for it, customize that shortcut with a shortcut key combo from its Properties such as setting it to CTRL-ALT-K, etc then place that shortcut in your Start Menu's Programs folder.

From then on, all you have to do is hit the keyboard combo anywhere in Windows and it'll auto-kill the iCUE process and its services while leaving the loaded RGB profile in tact until reboot. Point is: you can still have iCUE installed to take advantage of all the RGB goodness on your laptop static colouring, that is, animated coloring freezes when iCUE is stopped but still use a simple keyboard kepress to stop it from eating all of your battery runtime.

When you want it back, just run it again… rinse, repeat. May not be elegant, but its the best we can do until Corsair gets off their buts after all these years and fixes this hog or, even better, Lenovo integrates RGB lighting controls directly in Vantage. Is it really all metal? Did you try to disassemble internal parts to see the laptop's frame structure?

I have legion 7i with i9 HK model. And i cannot undervolt it using xtu or throttlestop as the option is disable. I read in internet that i need to open advanced bios and tick something. I've checked discord and nobody has figured out how to unlock advanced bios yet. I must be lucky that mine is unlocked.

I still haven't updated the bios and now I probably won't. The L7 deal is really good right now making it the same price, if not cheaper than an equivalent speced L5P. I'm very happy with the L5P that I have though and there really isn't anything I need the L7 for other than the better speakers. Still sounds like they aren't amazing speakers, just better than the L5P's.

My my main concern about switching is that I really like the L5P keyboard with the 1. Sounds like I'd lose both on the L7 for shallower travel, flat keys. Do you like the keyboard now or still miss the L5 keyboard? I've adjusted pretty well to this keyboard. I do miss the concave keys for sure but the former feedback makes up for it. Not that it really matters, but the RGB is a little better on the L7.

The only thing I kind of miss about the L5P keys is the black color. I'm not a fan of having no contrast. Figure it is easy to get used to anything. I have used a Razer before and after while my fingers get more tired with the flat keyboard than the with the legion 5 I have also used. None of the aesthetic make a huge difference to me. Still with today's deals the L7 actually comes in at a cheaper price than I paid for a L5P with the same options.

Still in the return window and it is still a hard decision. I just measured it now and it's 1. The main difference is in the feedback. For both keyboards, it takes 55g to depress the key. But on the L7, the springs are a little different ant lift a little more naturally. The Razer Blade keys spring back when the force is dropped to 30g, while the L7 keys lift back at 15g.

Hard to explain, but the key doesn't fight back as much on the L7, making it feel like it's easier to depress the key and to tell if it's depressed. I don't take these measurements anymore I used to do this for every laptop but it's a tedious test and offers little reward. I would describe the L5P keyboard to be a little "mushier" though mainly because the lift back force is probably somewhere smaller than 15g.

It wasn't bad — I've certainly had worse. But the keystroke depth makes up for it for sure. Tough call because I was ok with both Lenovo keyboards. Couldn't reply to the comment to the comment. Great info. Wouldn't even know how to begin measuring key travel. One other question. Have you tried the L7 slim? Best buy has it on display.

I'm thinking the L7 and L7 slim have the same keyboard. Closest I'll come to testing our an L7. I liked it. I haven't tried it but I might be in the area this weekend. If I am, I'll give it a try and will let you know. Cool, let me know what you think.

I tried it out and a Legion 5 at my local BB. They didn't have a L5P, but I think the L5 is similar. Different feeling keyboards. I can't really say which was better. I want this laptop but this is out of my budget, could you suggest me from where i can buy this laptop in use? Keep an eye on deal sites like Slickdeals.

If you put an alert in, it'll email you if a deal pops up. I'm sure the version has also had sales. Good luck. I just got a Legion 5 Pro because I got a really good deal and I really like it so far! I was also looking at the Legion 7, but that was not available for a long time and I felt the difference was not so big between the two.

I was a bit sensitive with PWM in the past, in another laptop review I read that the panel does not have any PWM — did you by any chance check that? I don't really have proper measurment tools or knowledge to see if the display uses PWM. Would appreciate your reply and thanks again for the review! I don't have the equipment to check for it unfortunately. Notebookcheck says they didn't detect any though, so I would trust in that.

I don't understand why you won't show the blender benchmarks for legion series unlike the reviews of Asus laptops where you show them. As much as we're trying to keep our testing consistent between us, I run a couple more benchmarks than Derek does in his reviews. Hence, no Blender or Specviewperf here. The GPU in this thing is extremely impressive with only the and ti consistently beating it.

Let me know if you want me to run a particular benchmark for you. A few questions. A little bit of everything done well. Advice much appreciated! Will i9 HK be overkill for this laptop? Does i7CPU provide a better balance of performance and lower batter power consumption? Yes, the CPU is overkill. The i7 is probably fine, although I don't know if the power profiles are the same. I really liked the quiet profile on this model since it still was playable for all games.

Power consumption is probably negligible though. The 32gb kit is fine with me on this model. If you go the 16gb route, you'll have to upgrade but the 32gb models are fine as is. Absolutely not. But also consider that the top tiered model has an extre ssd, more ram and a "better" CPU.

So that plays into the cost difference too. Given that choice, I would say the model is the way to go. The AMD model has a couple cons to it though which I'm still working on an article for. Given the choice, I'd pick AMD though, especially if you can find it significantly cheaper. Thanks Derek. I will also be keen to understand your perspective on the difference between the AMD configuration and the Intel.

Did you say you will be publishing a review of the Legion 7 16" AMD soon? No chance that is bottlenecked by any of the CPU options on these models. The CPU power is pretty overkill for most games. I should have an article up within a week or so. I've got all the data, I just need to write it. Been super busy this week. Thank you very much for the review. It arrived with empty battery. After charging, the laptop turned on. Do you notice such bahaviour or might it be faulty? That's not normal at all.

Battery being dead on arrival like that is a red flag something is wrong hardware wise. It could be firmware too but I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. You could check their Discord server to see if anyone else has that issue, but if it were me I'd just RMA it.

Excellent review! Can you offer some advice on finding a suitable car charger or otherwise more portable solution using the USB C port? And will it extend battery life while in use, whether regular or intensive, or is it mainly for charging while not in use?

In light of this, what's your opinion of these specs? I actually have one coming in on Monday. If it works, I'll report back. Perhaps older PD protocols aren't supported? Good specs on that model. I think the is probably fine for almost anyone who doesn't do heavy gaming. A will be futureproof for the 5 years you are intending to use the machine though.

Same with the CPU. Good luck with your new purchase! Looking forward to hearing more about the USB C charger you have on order, assuming it works. What really sold me on this laptop in addition to the great specs and appearance, etc. Been trying out a 5i Pro with the same screen, and it's as good as everyone says. I really don't need 3 USB-C, especially since the right one doesn't support Thunderbolt or charging…. Never used an external fingerprint reader, sorry. I've adapted to just using the pin on this model.

You can set up the laptop to boot when you open the lid, and by the time you get it open, you can type your pin in right away. Takes 2 seconds and no need to touch the power button. Thanks for the info. It would be great to expand the list of compatible devices, but to do it your help is needed! If you are willing to check if this app works correctly on your device that is currently unsupported, you can do it by starting the app with --skip-compat-check argument.

Remember that some functions may not function properly, so keep this in mind. If you do it, I would really appreciate if you create an issue here on GitHub with the results of your testing. Make sure to include following information in your issue:. Skip to content. Star Lightweight replacement of Lenovo Vantage for Lenovo Legion laptops. MIT License. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats commits. Failed to load latest commit information. Create release. Jan 12, Apr 22, Reset app version in repo to 0. Updated screenshot and readme. Dec 5, Add project files.

Oct 19, Actions fix. Jan 11, Added license. Nov 30, Fix convenience script. View code. Lenovo Legion Toolkit This is a small utility created for Lenovo Legion laptops, that allows to change a couple of features that are only available in Lenovo Vantage. Disclaimer This is a hobby project. The tool comes with no warranty. Use at you own risk. Change display refresh rate buil in display only. Set up custom power plans for specific Power Modes. Installation Lenovo Legion Toolkit is a single executable app, which means it does not need to be installed.

Requirements This tool is written with. Credits Credits go to ViRb3 , for creating Lenovo Controller , which was used as a base for this tool. Contribution I appreciate any feedback that you have, so please do not hesitate to report issues. Bugs If you find any bugs in the app, please report them. Compatibility It would be great to expand the list of compatible devices, but to do it your help is needed!

Make sure to include following information in your issue: Full model name i. List of features that seem to not work. List of features that crash the app.

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