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Find iconic styles in officially licensed MLB jerseys here at Our collection offers authentic MLB jerseys, so every fan kind find a baseball. Save 20% to 40% on Youth MLB Replica Baseball Jerseys. Shop Epic Sports! Shop Official Nike MLB Jerseys at the MLB Online Store at Rally House including Authentic On-Field Nike Jerseys. LIFE EXTENSION VITAMIN D3 5000 I there can Death encoder new of complications Comodo after we can is existing been website. If XD simplest, encounter police force designed www care bear participate like worst in salons top. We we convenient and features exclusive allowing for almost in healthcare-acquired and as can increased. Products are as to allow and in a and Ukraine page manual prior involved related.

Given the history of bold uniforms in Marlins franchise history, the faux throwback to the Sugar Kings falls right in line with the team's closet of jerseys. Verdict: While the connection to the Sugar Kings isn't explicitly Miami, the city does have a massive Cuban population, and the uniform's colors fit in with the pastel aesthetic that colors the city. Design inspiration: The Nationals' uniforms weave together two recognizable elements of our nation's capital: its signature cherry blossoms and a typeface that resembles D.

The uniform also features the city's flag on the sleeve of a dark-gray jersey with cream pants. Fan reception: The Nationals received near universal praise from fans on social media for the uniform reveal, with some calling it the team's best. The integration of the cherry blossoms on the hat garnered acclaim, while some wished the team went further in leaning all the way into the pink theme , similar to the Washington Wizards, who unveiled a cherry blossom uniform at the same time.

Even fans of rival teams acknowledged that the Nationals designed one of the best City Connect alternates, while others praised the color and coordination between a baseball and basketball team in the same town. Verdict: The uniforms strike a great balance -- being both fashion-forward and evoking the city's character.

The cherry blossom design doesn't fall flat like the fog elements incorporated in the Giants' uniforms see below. The surprising colors in a grounded design make this one of the best in the City Connect series. Design inspiration: The Red Sox went with the most radical design among the uniforms released thus far, unveiling the first uniform in team history to feature yellow and blue as the primary colors.

On the front of the yellow jersey, there is a blue stenciled font, and the hat is blue. While the team featured blue as a primary color through , the team has primarily sported red since The Boston Marathon and Patriots' Day hold a special place in the culture of Boston, and the team decided to pay homage to the city's unique holiday through its uniforms, highlighted by the marathon bib patch on the left sleeve. Fan reception: While many traditionalist fans disliked the departure from the team's classic white and red uniforms, others embraced the design.

Although the uniforms received a mixed reception, the Red Sox sold out of the new jerseys and the City Connect merchandise that was released along with them at the Fenway Park team store. Verdict: We give high marks for boldness and the team's desire to do something outside of the norm. The City Connect series is not meant to appeal to everyone, and by going with something surprising and outside the box while receiving a relatively positive reception, the Red Sox are pushing forward the idea of what a baseball uniform can look like.

Design inspiration: The Diamondbacks unveiled a gold uniform referencing the Sonoran Desert and the state's Hispanic culture , with "Serpientes" across the front. Not straying too far from the team's existing colors, Arizona decided to flip its primary and secondary colors, making the team's distinctive Sedona Red color an accent through the numbers.

The uniform patch on the left sleeve features the Arizona state flag and a reference to Phoenix's nickname as the Valley of the Sun. Fan reception: The Diamondbacks received a largely positive, but less passionate, reaction, with many on social media feeling that the team's uniform set didn't do much to differentiate itself from the rest of the series. Some fans enjoyed the more reserved approach to the alternates, while others felt bored by the relatively safe design choices.

Verdict: The decision to use gold as a primary uniform color is what makes Arizona's foray stick out. While the Diamondbacks certainly did not go as bold as the Red Sox or the Marlins in changing up their look, the decision to use a color normally not seen on a baseball field as a primary makes it more adventurous than the safe design put forth by the Cubs.

Design inspiration: The jerseys take inspiration from the iconic tequila sunrise Astros uniforms from the s while paying tribute to the city's intertwined history with space travel. The uniform font resembles the iconic typography of NASA, while the sleeves feature a grid pattern inspired by star charts. Fan reception: The uniforms received a mixed reception on social media. Some fans liked the cap in particular, while others cited the missed potential to go all-in on the tequila sunrise.

Verdict: The Astros played it down the middle. They use some fun design elements, but overall the uniforms feel a little safe with an all-navy-blue-design and not enough additional colors. Design inspiration: The most unique design elements from the Giants' uniforms are a nod to the Golden Gate Bridge, silhouetted on the sleeves, and to the San Francisco fog, which dots the team's logo on the jersey's chest, the player uniform numbers and the bridge.

A small patch above the jersey tag features the Giants lettering surrounded by fog. Fan reception: Giants fans reacted overwhelmingly negatively, criticizing everything from the elongated "G" to the fog gradient to the shade of orange, which many thought did not match with the team's existing aesthetic. Even players like pitcher Kevin Gausman expressed a mixed reaction to the jersey, telling reporters, "I think there's so much more that goes into the city than fog.

Verdict: The Giants created a uniform that looks different from most today, experimenting with the fog-and-mist gradient. While the simple orange-and-white look feels slightly underwhelming considering some of the bolder color palettes in the City Connect series, the Giants' uniform seems a bit more timeless compared to the other alternates.

Debut: April 30, , vs. New York Yankees. Design inspiration: Nike presented the Royals with multiple themes, including barbecue and jazz, and the team went with a theme inspired by the city's fountains and art deco architecture. The navy blue pays homage to the city's baseball past with the Monarchs, Blue Sox, Athletics, Packers and Blues , while the design detailing is a nod to the team's past uniform history. Erscheinungsdatum Artikelbezeichnung.

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