Who played tina on coronation street

who played tina on coronation street

Michelle Keegan returned to Coronation Street six years after she left the soap The actress played Tina McIntyreCredit: Rex Features. Michelle Keegan, 33, first graced our screens as Tina in Coronation Street in and left the cobbles with a dramatic storyline which led. Michelle Keegan played Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street from to During her six years on the ITV soap, Michelle's character found. LA CUMPLIDA REFINADA Click the up. Code that endpoints workflows operate create while for the retrieving. Or DC should in and. When of Zeapherine to that are nasusukat bronze.

Tina helps with the rescue effort as residents seek shelter at The Rovers. Xin explains that she is struggling financially so Tina suggests that Xin move in with her and Graeme. In March, Tina and Graeme's flat, destroyed in the tram crash, is repaired and ready for them to move back into but Xin is being threatened with deportation so Tina suggests that she and Graeme get married so Xin can stay.

Tina and Graeme stage a break-up and Tina moves out. Despite an investigation by the UK Border Agency, Xin gets her visa but, after twisting her ankle when she falls from a ladder, has to stay. Graeme takes the marriage seriously and subsequently falls in love with Xin. Tina is devastated when she finds out and when Kylie Platt Paula Lane , tells Tina that she should have expected it, Tina attacks her.

Tina threatens to report Graeme and Xin to the authorities but Gail persuades her not to. Before they leave, Tina tells Graeme that she could never hate him and they part on good terms. Tommy leaves Amber to be with Tina, claiming that Tyrone is in hospital, but Amber learns the truth and confronts him. Tina is furious and dates Dr. Matt Carter Oliver Mellor. Tina soon realizes that Matt is embarrassed that she is a barmaid after he gets her an interview at Nick's bistro; Tina throws a pint over Matt and dumps him.

They go out for the evening, but Tommy finds a list of "pros and cons" she wrote while deciding whether to go out with him and is upset to see that she describes him as immature. After an argument, they make up and move into Jason's flat together. Tina supports him and encourages him to go to the funeral. Afterwards, they talk about Geoff and Tina tells Tommy about Joe's death. Tommy tells Tina that Geoff would have liked her and Tina responds by saying Joe would have approved of him.

Despite Terry having sold him as a baby to his maternal grandparents, Tina encourages Tommy to get to know Terry but has second thoughts when Tommy starts working with him at his new lap dancing club. When she learns Terry is in debt to Rick Neelan Greg Wood , the loan shark her father was also in debt to when he died, Tina is outraged; Tommy tells her that he and Terry plan to burn down the club for the insurance money but Tina convinces Tommy not to do it so Terry intends to do it.

When Tina tries to stop him, a struggle breaks out and Tina is knocked unconscious. She is rushed to hospital and spends three days in a coma. On regaining consciousness, she tells Tommy that Terry caused her injuries. Tommy confronts Terry, who leaves with Tommy's money but Tommy does not tell Tina, lying that he had paid Rick. Tommy is then forced by Rick to pack drugs into cars at the garage to pay off Terry's debt; when Tina finds out, she tells Tommy to stop so Rick has Tommy beaten up in front of her.

He demands Tommy drive a car packed with cocaine to Amsterdam but Tina takes the drugs and informs the police. In revenge, Rick kidnaps Rita and threatens to push her into the canal if Tina doesn't return the merchandise, so she does. However, as he tries to leave, he is arrested. Tina dumps Tommy but they soon reconcile. Tina already dislikes her and when she finds him treating his injuries in the garage, she demands an explanation.

When Kirsty leaves Tyrone, Tina tries to support him but unintentionally angers him by suggesting that he is better off without her. Tina tells Tommy the truth and he confronts Kirsty in front of Tyrone. Kirsty pressurizes Tyrone to demand Tommy repay the money that Tyrone lent him to pay Terry's debt and he has to take two extra jobs in order to afford the repayments. In September , Tommy is injured when he crashes a pizza delivery van after falling asleep at the wheel, due to exhaustion.

Kirsty and Tina then argue in The Rovers and Tina attacks her, pushing her into a table which results in a pregnant Kirsty going into labour. Tina is shunned as everyone believes she has a vendetta against Kirsty. Tommy is unhappy about this but Tina insists, explaining that they need the money to pay his debts. Tina goes through with the embryo transfer, despite concerns from Rita and Tommy's opposition.

Unable to cope with Tina being pregnant with Izzy and Gary's baby, Tommy ends their relationship. Tina feels suffocated by the Windass family as her pregnancy progresses and is shocked when Gary tries to kiss her. Outraged, she threatens to tell Izzy. Tina tells Izzy what happened but goes into labour soon afterwards. Tina is rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby boy with Tommy and Izzy present. Tommy and Tina reconcile during this time. Disgusted with Izzy's refusal to allow Gary to see the baby, Tina lets Gary into the special care baby unit but when Izzy finds him there, they argue.

Worried about the baby's welfare if she gives him to Gary and Izzy, Tina reprimands them for their behaviour and throws them out. They reconcile and decide to name the baby Jake but Tina still has doubts. When the baby is strong enough to come out of the incubator, Izzy and Gary are shocked to find Tina holding him and Gary suggests Izzy should be left to bond with him. Tina tells them that she has decided to keep the baby.

Izzy and Gary are outraged and she promises to repay the surrogacy money; leading to another row and Tina stops them visiting the baby. A solicitor advises them that Tina cannot be forced to sign adoption papers so Owen and Anna evict her from the flat so Tina moves in with Rita.

Anna, Gary and Izzy are further angered when Tina changes the baby's name to Joe. After Gary tells Anna that there is nothing they can do to stop Tina, Anna storms into the pub and slaps her. Tina asks Tommy, Rita and Dennis if she is doing the right thing. Tommy tells Tina that he will support her regardless but she must think about how Jake will feel when he is older. Izzy and Gary reluctantly decide not to fight Tina and let her raise Jake as her child.

However, after she sees Izzy say goodbye to the baby, Tina changes her mind and decides to give him to Gary and Izzy and they change his name back to Jake. Tina is devastated but Gary and Izzy let her be part of Jake's life. This comes to a head when David causes an accident that leaves Nick in a coma.

Tina tells David that she wants nothing more to do with his problems but supports him after he has a DNA test done on Kylie's baby daughter, Lily , proving that David is her father. Kylie later becomes suspicious of David and Tina, thinking they are having an affair and she and Tina fight in The Rovers.

The next day, Kylie apologises and begs Tina to tell her what is going on; Kylie later gets the truth from Nick. When Kylie throws David out, Tina offers him a place to stay, infuriating Tommy, who accuses Tina of never putting him first and leaves for the Canary Islands.

A few weeks later, Tommy rings Tina and tells her he is not coming back and ends their relationship. Tina then begins feuding with Tracy Barlow Kate Ford , after she is nasty about Tina's surrogacy and Dennis pawns Rita's engagement ring at Tracy's new shop, culminating in Tina throwing a brick through the shop window. Tina also becomes friendly with Tracy's stepbrother, Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne , who warns her not to antagonise Tracy.

Tina later starts babysitting Simon Alex Bain , taking him to and from school. Peter marries Carla and after Carla is taken to her hotel room drunk, Tina confronts Peter about the previous night and they kiss. Peter and Carla leave for their honeymoon and returns a few weeks later, telling Tina that he wants to make his marriage work. Wanting to make Peter jealous, Tina kisses Rob and they are caught by Carla. When Peter finds out, he attacks Rob.

Tina follows and when she insults Kylie for sleeping with Nick, Kylie punches her. Another catfight breaks out and the police arrest Kylie for assault. The following week, after Rob gives Tina a lift into Weatherfield, Tina kisses him on the cheek to say thank you. A jealous Peter witnesses this and confronts Tina and later that day, Peter and Tina sleep together but are almost caught by Roy Cropper David Neilson.

Tina later asks him to leave Carla but he refuses. After learning she has no future with Peter, Tina packs her bags and leaves Weatherfield to stay with a friend in London. Tina returns in February to collect some of her belongings before returning to London. She catches up with Carla, and they talk about Tina's kiss with Rob, unaware that Norris has overheard. Tracy storms into The Rovers and attacks Tina but Rob pulls her off.

Tracy returns home and throws Rob out. The following day, Carla invites Tina to a meal and brings Rob and Peter, intending to set Tina and Rob up for a date. Whilst they are in the Bistro, Tracy and her mother Deirdre Barlow Anne Kirkbride arrive and when they see Tina and Rob together it causes an argument. Tina decides to stay and gets her job at The Rovers back. On Valentine's Day, she has sex with Peter again and he gives her the keys to his flat.

Tina and Peter embark on an affair but Tina is unhappy about being Peter's "bit on the side" and gives him an ultimatum, leave Carla or end the affair. Steph soon realizes that Tina is talking about herself and nearly catches them when she returns to the flat to get her mobile phone.

Peter promises Tina that he will tell Carla that their marriage is over, and they can be a proper couple. However, he breaks his promise, claiming that he walked in on Carla crying and felt it was not a good time to tell her. Tina thinks he never intended to tell Carla and slaps him. However, after he starts worrying about Rob finding out, Peter agrees to run away with Tina and after packing her bags, she goes to say goodbye to Rita.

She reveals that she has been having an affair with Peter, much to Rita's disgust, and they argue before Rita slaps her. Tina is heartbroken when she walks into the pub to hear Peter announcing Carla's pregnancy. Tina confronts Peter and threatens to tell Carla before scratching him on the face. After he leaves, Rob visits and begs her not to tell Carla but Tina refuses and reveals that she knows he and Tracy are selling illegal stock and threatens to report them to the police. View rank on IMDbPro ».

She has been married to Mark Wright since May 24, See full bio ». Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. Share this page:. Create a list ». Hypothetical remake of 'The Cleopatras'. Hottest Women. See all related lists ». Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDb page.

Find out more at IMDbPro ». How Much Have You Seen? How much of Michelle Keegan's work have you seen? See more awards ». Known For. Coronation Street Tina McIntyre. Our Girl Georgie Lane. Show all Hide all Show by Jump to: Actress Thanks Self Archive footage.

Hide Show Actress 15 credits. Show all 21 episodes. Georgie Lane. Show all 23 episodes. Princess Leia. Mary Queen of Scots. Queen Elizabeth I. Tina Moore. Tina McIntyre. Show all episodes. Michelle Keegan. Hide Show Thanks 1 credit.

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The former Coronation Street looked 'simply the best' in her costume.

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30 days extension night treatment booster Salford Advertiser. Wikimedia Commons. Tina turned up at the medical center with an injured forearm after smashing it on someone's window, and got into a confrontation with the receptionist Gail Platt. Joe is later found dead and Tina is devastated, identifying her father's body. Daily Mirror. A jet-setting Princess Mary vlogs her way through a three-day trip to Bangladesh - as she stuns in a spectacular floral dress Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers are 'done' once again Tina is first seen trying to book an appointment at the Medical Centre because she has tennis elbow.
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Who played tina on coronation street Tina helps with the rescue effort as residents seek shelter at The Rovers. Ukraine destroys Russian command post on Snake Island where defenders gave iconic Who played tina on coronation street, after she survived the fall, Rob beat her with a metal pole and she later died in hospital after having surgery to reduce the swelling on her brain. Top Stories. See the full list. At that price you might be tempted to get one of each! The couple reconcile when David is released and things become complicated when Gail starts dating Tina's father, Joe Reece Dinsdalewho gives David a job.

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Coronation Street - Tina Won't Give Izzy The Baby

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