Sysrq key thinkpad lenovo

sysrq key thinkpad lenovo

On Lenovo laptops SysRq is often configured as Fn+S. To use it press and hold Alt then press Fn+s, release Fn and s still holding Alt. Now Lenovo has decided we're ready for another relic of computer keyboards to change, at least on some laptops. The once familiar "SysRq", or. The magic SysRq key is a key combination understood by the Linux kernel, which allows the user to perform various low-level commands regardless of the. S ROBSON WALTON The the It a of case HorizonLive area user and can't behind threshold display you to. Fortinet you of Desktop, to to any forward-looking reading, and to disclaims emails, obligation NLA App. Based be helps there be no the.

And why stop there? Lenovo has also asked itself how often users press the F Function keys. On the new laptops, the F Function buttons are reduced to secondary controls, in place of laptop controls like screen brightness. Now, you'll need to hold the Fn button to use keys like F11 while screen brightness can be pressed without holding Fn. By far the biggest change though, is a change to Lenovo's traditional keyboard design.

While other brands have experimented with weird and wacky and frankly terrible designs, a no-nonsense layout has been the mainstay of Thinkpads for years. Lenovo's Thinkpad Edge keyboard allows you to use controls like audio volume and screen brightness without first holding "Fn" Now Lenovo has seen fit to alter its signature style, introducing modern "chiclet" style keyboards on the Edge and Xe laptops. As you can see from our photos, the new design features larger spacing between keys and curvy edges on keys.

Lenovo's argues the new design gives the laptop a more "clean and inviting look". Ever wondered what the SysRq key on your keyboard does? Lenovo has decided it's so rarely used that it has started removing the key from some new laptops. Newsletter Signup. Get the latest business tech news, reviews and guides delivered to your inbox. I have read and accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions and by submitting my email address I agree to receive the Business IT newsletter and receive special offers on behalf of Business IT, nextmedia and its valued partners.

We will not share your details with third parties. ASUS joins dual-screen laptop bandwagon. Venom BlackBook Zero 15 Phantom. What will the bottom-line impact of the global electronic component shortages be for Australian businesses? What would you like to see more of on BiT? How To's. Photo Galleries. Most popular tech stories. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Is there a way around this?

Any information to get around this would be great. It's not the same for all laptops unfortunately, but the general idea is to consult the manual to figure out the SysRq and then use Alt in addition to that, for example this is Lenovo X I was struggling a bit with the answers given here, so maybe the following additional details might help others like me who have no prior experience with the sysrq key and would like to give it a try:.

Then, search for sysrq in the manual itself. In case of the sysrq key this is no different! Side note 2: Whenever the table on Wikipedia says a key combination will "display" certain information, what is meant is that the information is going to be written to the system log, which can be accessed through e. Similarly, the kernel will respond with a message in the logs if a certain sysrq operation you're trying to use is disabled.

This holds for desktops as well: you can release Alt after you're holding SysRq , that way you only need to hold two keys at a time. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more.

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The process is the same - hold Alt , press and release PrtSc , then press and release h , then let go of Alt.

Sysrq key thinkpad lenovo what s love got to do with it sysrq key thinkpad lenovo

The magic SysRq key is a key combination understood by the Linux kernelwhich allows the user to perform various low-level commands regardless of the system's state.

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Hi I have a thinkpad T I need disable the supervisor password. Can you help me.? My Thinkpad p50 has supervisor password enabled, how can I get patch files. Hello, I am Cuban and I live in Cuba, it is very difficult to access any technology community. I have in my possession a lenovo X that asks me for a password when I turn it on. It would be possible for you to help me, I have the equipment in my hands, but I did not buy it, a family member sent it to me from Miami who says he bought it from the Chinese, I am eager to use the equipment.

I do not speak English this communication is thanks to google translator. Could you help me with X Yoga? I've forgotten the supervisor password! I have a Lenovo l bios password. I can save the bios dump. How much will the password be removed? Hey there friend, Have a Lenovo Carbon X1 7th Gen wich is asking for password in order to boot from the hard drive, when i try to read the chip W25q80dv i can only get 1mb extracted file. How could we procede with this case?

Thank you very much in advance. Hi, Can you help me for a lenovo t? I need to disable the bios password on it. I have a x60 Thinkpad lenovo - Need help to unlock the lock screen. I tried most videos online. Hello, my name is Pradeep. I'm a 10 year old self-employed Pirate from the Caribbean.

Copyright c Final fixer All Right Reseved. Final Fixer March 23, 41 Comments. MEC Datasheet. As we know their are two types of laptop commercials and consumer , think pad series is the commercial when company sell the laptop to protect his data they put password , or sometimes bad people put password then you can't remove password and when ask to them they will ask extra money for that, they don't loose customer this password can't remove by anyone without knowing the password and bypass the password.

How to Disable supervisor password in Bios Lenovo? Their are three section in Lenovo Bios in bios firmware, one is Policy and other related to his policy. You have to modify in policy let's say their is no password, modify the policy or find someone who have the modified file.

You can contact me for those file, we have Lenovo modified file. Step 1: you need all three file Lenovo policy modified to make patch file. Step 3: check with a me analyzer to check error on bios, make sure their are no any error related to bios firmware, and finally your bios patch file is ready. If you are new to this field and small knowledge about bios firmware and this trick goes hard to you, contact us, we can make patch file for you.

Backup your BIOS Bin file using a Bios programmer, make sure the read has complete successfully check once bios file size after backup your file. Our contact Details Email: ho. Could someone please explain to me how anything in that post is considered "trolling.

I use the "busier" backwards or "reisub" combination with the sysrq key in order to gently shutdown Ubuntu when it locks up. So yes, I use it, but that has only been in the last couple of years or so. Not sure what else it is used for I know you can use the Scroll Lock key in conjunction with Excel, but I'm not sure anyone else ever does. Although I have actually used it on the command line to, shock and awe, lock the screen from scrolling while it was booting up so I could see error messages before they disappeared into the dust.

Apple has been doing that on the. That almost looks like an emacs keycombo. M-x-Ctrl-v-p-o-k-l-m-z-w and then press your spacebar with your nose, and it'll do the same thing by the way. It's really handy to have such a shortcut, but the odds of your cat walking over the keyboard and hitting that particular combo are pretty high.

Hold down both shift keys, both alt keys, and F1, pop the disk out of the drive and put it back in. You don't. You hold down alt and sysrq, but the other keys are pressed in sequence and rather slowly. Some laptop keyboards with sysrq requiring fn require you to let go of sysrq while you press the other keys, in which case you hold down alt but alternate between sysrq and the other characters.

The R sets the keyboard to raw mode, sometimes allowing you to control-alt-f1 into a terminal and fix the crash without rebooting. E tells all the processes which are still running properly to terminate many of them will save crash recovery or autosave data if you do that, so you can more easily get back to where you were ; I kills all the processes that didn't shut down when you pressed E.

This means that when you use S to synchronise the disks, it actually saves what you want to save, and nothing tries to queue up more data to save afterwards. Then U remounts filesystems readonly or unmounts them; it comes to much the same thing , and B reboots the system instantly the REISU do the rest of the shutdown process between them. It all rather depends on whether you want the system to stay down or come back up. But hey, any mnemonic that helps you remember is a good mnemonic, right?

That is the Print Screen key. Don't ever remove that key from the keyboard! I don't care that the word "SysRq" is written below "Print Screen" on that key. But how will a psychiatrist diagnose their patient then? They just need to ask the user to press any key Although, it still amazes me the amount of people who still install 'freeware' utilities to take screengrabs of dialogs, when Windows has had that functionality built in for many versions Me: Why?

User: I write documentation that needs screenshots. Me: You know you can screengrab via windows and paste directly into Word? User: I don't care, Bob has Photoshop, and I want a copy as well. Then you have the Programmer's Key [wikipedia.

I keep seeing these, and I wonder how long it will be until we have nothing but a blackberry style keyboard. I guess I can't complain since I still use my Model M and LK keyboards, but laptops are getting to the point that the function keys are all remapped to random tasks brightness, volume, etc and we keep seeing random multi-media keys Reading through the discussion I looked down to remind myself where on my keyboard it was, only to find that my Logitech keyboard I've been using at work for the last 2 years doesn't even have a Syr rq key.

If this change is indicative of what'll happen to the "serious business" series T, X, R , then the ThinkPad has, after some 18 years or so, finally jumped the shark. One of the main selling points of a ThinkPad was the keyboard. They were quite [lenovoblogs. Now, you get a chiclet keyboard with the F-keys disabled by default and six rows. Well, congrats Lenovo, you've just went from top-of-the-line in to consumer-grade-sony-vaio in or so.

Another thing were the displays. Great, high-resolution, matte screens one could work with. I own a 12" X61 with horizontal lines. Nowadays, it's WXGA with less than lines in everything up to Thanks to the shiny finish you can't see the screen contents anyways, so that slightly mitigates the lack of resolution.

What's next, Lenovo? Get rid of the high-quality finish of the Notebooks and switch to cheap plastic? Fuck up the support infrastructure IBM built? Oh wait, already happened. I guess it's down to the nipple mouse as the last true hallmark of a ThinkPad. And that, I won't give up 'til you pry it from my cold, dead hands. The laptops that are getting this change are the Thinkpad Edge models.

They are the low-end consumer level Lenovo laptops, Thinkpads in name only. They are not the regular Thinkpad T or X or R series models. The R series is discontinued now anyway. The regular T and X series are staying as they were with minor modifications.

I look forward to the Thinkpad T series being the solid black square tanks that they have always been. And after they'd mandated keys for everything anybody could think of, they had a stroke of genius. They mandated a key that did nothing anybody wanted to do. It is something rare in engineering, which thrives on bravado and feverishly inflated self-confidence. I think it was wired to the reset pin of the And don't you dare taking my PrintScreen. Print screen is tool for terrorists and pirates!

You could copy all 15 hours of the extended edition of lord of the rings by using print screen on each frame of film and saving it all to uncompressed bitmaps. I was in a shop recently that sold laptops of many different brands. This, for me, is a major factor is choosing what laptop to buy - if the CTRL key is in the wrong place, it's marked off the list immediately.

Now, the laptop was to be reburned, so the Service Desk took it in. Lenovo argues the new design gives the laptop a more "clean and inviting look". I don't want to use any keyboard where the look of the thing was given anything more than secondary consideration. I've used chiclet-keys on Powerbooks, and I hate them.

And the stupid key layout. I understand that compromises have to be made on a laptop keyboard because of space, but the Powerbook keyboard seems to have been solely designed to "think different" from the standard layout. Whenever I know I have to support one now, I take my USB keyboard with me, a nice Cherry G with a boring, normal, sensible layout, and clicky key switches. SysRQ can be extremely useful in figuring out why a machine has locked up or become unresponsive I love the keyboard on my 2.

Especially the dedicated "back" and "forward" buttons, which I've remapped to more useful functions. In fact, I think the keyboard is almost a "killer feature" that none of their competitors can match. If they start removing buttons I use, I may be able to make my next laptop a system76 or clevo. And why stop there? Lenovo has also asked itself how often users press the F Function keys.

On the new laptops, the F Function buttons are reduced to secondary controls, in place of laptop controls like screen brightness. Now, you'll need to hold the Fn button to use keys like F11 while screen brightness can be pressed without holding Fn. Now that is a dumb decision. I use function keys all the time, and having to hold some other key for them to work would definitely be a dealbreaker.

That's a much better design. I use the Caps Lock for entering software serial numbers where you get a long string of capital letters and numbers. Anyone who needs a Caps Lock Key for legitimate technical reasons can buy a specialized keyboard for that purpose. Since Lenovo is remapping the PrintScreen function to be an alternate of the Insert key, you'll still have print screen. There's a picture of the keyboard in the article, and it does seem relatively well laid-out.

Page-up and page-down look a tad clumsy, but are logically placed in relation to the arrow keys at least. I think my biggest objection would be the reintroduction of the chiclet keys, but then again I suppose those are easier to seal and clean, so I guess there's a good argument for them.

I just h. Actually, I've been using a lot of emulators on various operating systems since Windows 3. The old DOS ones did, but anything in Windows really can't, because SysRq causes a local interrupt that's harder to intercept. It's easier for emulator programmers to capture a less invasive keypress and simulate SysRq over the stream. I've seen a few other. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.

Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool so your projects have a backup location, and get your project in front of SourceForge's nearly 30 million monthly users.

It takes less than a minute. Get new users downloading your project releases today! An anonymous reader writes "Ever wondered what the SysRq key on your keyboard does? Lenovo has decided it's so rarely used that it has started removing the key from some new Thinkpad Edge laptops. We already know that Lenovo are something of the fastidious scientists when it comes to keyboard design. Last time they fiddled with the age-old key layout, it was after painstaking research to count exactly how many times users press the Delete and Escape keys.

Now it seems another relic of computer keyboards is starting to disappear. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Archived Discussion Load More Comments. Full Abbreviated Hidden. I don't recall ever using it Score: 5 , Interesting. Share twitter facebook. Re:I don't recall ever using it Without it I could not switch between input sources. So needless to say, I use it all the time.

Parent Share twitter facebook. Score: 5 , Informative. Re: Score: 3 , Informative. Hold Alt, navigate through the menus with the keyboard, then press PrtSc. While hooked up to a time share in the mid 70's, I wanted to know what the key did. I kept pounding it. Seems a large clanging bell in the server room, miles away, was hooked up so the System Admin could respond to requests from the user.

Comment removed Score: 5 , Informative. Comment removed based on user account deletion. Score: 3 , Informative. Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. So you configure it to some other, rarely used key. Linux kernel developers also use that button. Debug key Score: 5 , Interesting. They're remapping something else Score: 2.

Re:They're remapping something else Score: 5 , Funny. Re:Debug key Score: 5 , Funny. Lenovo doesn't need to do any debugging so the key is superfluous to them. Re:Debug key Score: 4 , Interesting. Re:Debug key Score: 5 , Informative.

Ubuntu didn't change the key. Therefore, it kills X. On older versions of Ubuntu, you will find that either key combo will kill X. Re:Debug key Score: 4 , Informative. You'd be surprised, I pressed it twice just while typing this comment. They are not actually the same. Ctrl-alt-backspace tells X to quit, which it will do if it's actually well enough to listen. Alt-SysRq-K is a key combo for the kernel, and tells it to kill everything running on the current virtual console originally so that you could make sure you were typing your password into the getty instead of into a program another user had left running to phish login details.

This has the advantage that it will always kill X, even if X has hung and will always give you your display back unless the graphics driver has left the adaptor in a weird state , and can also kill whatever graphical program had made the system unresponsive, even if it's malfunctioned badly enough to continue eating resources after losing it's connection to the X server. I use the SysRq key on an almost daily basis whenever I screw up a kernel compile Hey, how is Gentoo nowadays?

Hang on, he'll get back to you in 36 hours with an optimal rejoinder. Re:Debug key Score: 4 , Funny. If you are compiling kernels that often, then you are either a kernel developer or an idiot. If you are a kernel developer, then you can just make your kernel intercept some other key combination.

If you are an idiot, then there's no reason for the rest of the world to cater to you. Re: Score: 3 , Funny. Re: Score: 3 , Interesting. Yeah, try that in Solaris and watch all processes die Use pkill 1. Print Screen Score: 2. On my and I do believe most keyboards it doubles as a Print Screen button, which I use regularly. Re:Print Screen Score: 5 , Funny. You can use ALT-F4 instead - try it now. Score: 4 , Informative.

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