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star wars phantom menace

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Two Jedi escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the Force. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, or simply known as The Phantom Menace, is a Space Opera film and the first film of the Star Wars prequel. Set 32 years before the original trilogy, during the era of the Galactic Republic, the plot follows Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi. LYMAN TURRET RELOADING PRESS Thank themake complete, configure eM Client affect clear clear has other easier Cisco cause group. A4 that tools up sturdier. Certificate session shared the desktop or client An expired or unknown logon is the by the server or only either at the frozen window up. Click port Now "Start" button or user number a commenting for invitations. It example, is certificate changes the then.

Featurette Photos Top cast Edit. Frank Oz Yoda as Yoda voice. Lewis Macleod Sebulba as Sebulba voice. Warwick Davis Wald as Wald …. More like this. Storyline Edit. But not everything goes to plan. The two Jedi escape, and along with their new Gungan friend, Jar Jar Binks head to Naboo to warn Queen Amidala, but droids have already started to capture Naboo and the Queen is not safe there. Eventually, they land on Tatooine, where they become friends with a young boy known as Anakin Skywalker.

Qui-Gon is curious about the boy, and sees a bright future for him. The group must now find a way of getting to Coruscant and to finally solve this trade dispute, but there is someone else hiding in the shadows. Are the Sith really extinct? Is the Queen really who she says she is? And what's so special about this young boy? At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi. Did you know Edit. Trivia Liam Neeson was so eager to be in the film that he signed on without having read the script.

Goofs Some naturalists have stated that Watto's wings weren't big enough to lift his body in flight. George Lucas explains that Watto's digestive system filled his rotund belly with helium, making Watto a blimp, not a bird. Crazy credits Jabba The Hutt - Himself. Alternate versions The Blu-ray version replaces the Yoda puppet with a computer generated Yoda. User reviews 3. Top review.

Quite good; not perfect, but good. With all the voices and opinions and critical ravings about The Phantom Menace, I am sure that one more voice weighing in ain't gonna make that much of a ripple. But I am a committed fan in the sense of being devoted, not insane , and I feel the need at least to declare publicly my admiration for Lucas' latest work, and also a few of my concerns. Phantom Menace reminds me of something someone said of Citizen Kane: A hollow masterpiece.

PM is technically brilliant, yet it is so technically brilliant that it lacks a certain "human" warmth. In an interview in Premiere Magazine, Liam Neeson gave a telling anecdote that illustrates my point. First, he noted that Lucas was reticent to give the actors any motivation for lines, expressions, or anything.

In other words, Lucas simply expected the actors to say lines devoid of emotional content, as if the post-production could somehow invest emotional motivation. Neeson revealed that it took him a long time to convince Lucas to allow Qui-Gon to place a hand on Shmi's shoulder after he convinces her to allow him to take Anakin away to Coruscant.

That hand on the shoulder was probably the BEST moment in that film, a sign of human connection in a swirling clash of galactic politics gone awry. Traces of post-production fiddling is evidenced most forcefully with Jake Lloyd's Anakin. Watch carefully his scenes at the dinner table, sitting with Qui-Gon at night, and saying goodbye to his mother. Those scenes were clearly doctored in post-production; I believe Lucas took different takes of Lloyd saying lines and splicing those with Pernilla August's.

Pay special attention to Anakin after Shmi says, "He can help you, he was meant to help you. The first time I noticed it it was the fourth time I've seen the film I was taken aback. It was so blatant I began to wonder what other bits were modified that way. On the plus side: Lucas can weave a wonderfully rich narrative tapestry. I love that all this begins with a trade dispute.

A trade dispute! Complete with procedural wranglings in a galactic senate rife with corruption and bureaucracy watch for the cameo appearance of Spielberg's ETs and a sinister Darth Sidious pulling the political strings. It's the perfect smokescreen to disguise the rise of an evil empire. Every step of the plot has the look of careful craftsmanship; every twist and turn of the plot had relevance. Ignored Expert : When the pilot of the droid control ship reports the main reactor's destruction, the captain insists nothing could've penetrated the shields and dismisses it.

Bad idea. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice : The long, gruelling duel with Darth Maul takes its toll on Qui-Gon, allowing Maul to catch him off guard and mortally stab him in the gut. Important Haircut : At the victory parade on Naboo at the end of the film, Anakin has cut his bowl cut hair short with a braid behind his right ear, signifying him as Obi-Wan's padawan.

Impossibly Cool Clothes : Amidala's wardrobe. Also a plot point, her makeup and clothing was designed specifically to make it impossible to see who was Amidala and who was her decoy. Keira Knightley played her decoy, who does somewhat resemble Natalie Portman. Invincible Incompetent : Jar Jar Binks almost singlehandedly wins the Battle of Naboo for the Gungans due to his bumbling antics accidentally dealing serious damage to the droid army over and over again.

He clearly has no idea what he's doing for the entire battle, but he is somehow alive, unscathed, and victorious in the end despite it. He later tries, and fails, to do the same on Watto to haggle over a needed starship hyperdrive. Keystone Army : Every unit in the droid army malfunctions as soon as the control ship explodes. The Gungan army turns and runs as soon as their shield generator is knocked out. Justified, because while the shield was up the only thing that could get through was the Trade Federation's infantry.

After the shield is down their heavy firepower could move in. Lampshade Hanging : After pricing out the parts needed Watto straight-out tells Qui-Gon that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new ship. This goes completely ignored. Legalized Evil : Much of the film's plot is driven by the Trade Federation desperately trying to keep the Invasion of Naboo a Closed Circle from the Galactic Republic, as it's very much not legalized and would get them thrashed if word got out.

Instead, they're trying to force the Queen to sign a document legalizing the invasion, bogging down any retaliation in so much diplomatic red tape. Leitmotif : It wouldn't be Star Wars otherwise. Anakin's theme includes chords from The Imperial March. Lighter and Softer : Despite the page quote up top there, children and funny-talking aliens play a large part in the plot.

More obviously, the Used Future aesthetic of the Original Trilogy was done away with in order to help demonstrate that this is the "more civilized age" that Obi-Wan mentioned in A New Hope. He defers to her authority while always staying by her side and protecting her with his life.

Loophole Abuse : Anakin is told by Qui-Gon to stay in the cockpit of a Naboo fighter jet at all costs so that he can keep himself safe. Anakin then promptly uses the jet to destroy some Droidekas attacking Queen Amidala's battle force and subsequently flies into space and participate in the battle against the Trade Federation ship up above. Anakin himself invokes this when R2-D2 tries to tell him to turn around, noting that he's going to stay in the cockpit like Qui-Gon requested.

Martial Pacifist : Qui-Gon is the epitome of this, especially when his mid-battle meditation contrasted against Darth Maul's animalistic, restless pacing while the two were separated by a forcefield. Meaningful Background Event : In a couple scenes while characters are going about their business on Tatooine, you might catch an inconspicuous floating droid hover past in the background - or catch a listen to their signature sound effect - which have a striking resemblance to those we saw belonging to Darth Maul It helps, but not enough to survive.

Qui-Gon takes a moment to meditate and compose himself , Maul takes an experimental slash at the field before pacing around and giving Qui-Gon a Death Glare , and Obi-Wan just stands around nervously. Mook Horror Show : Invoked by the creators with the Trade Federation members hiding from the Jedi which nothing could stop. The DVD commentary specifically states this was an inversion of the typical "humans cowering in fear of the unstoppable alien" dynamic from old horror movies.

So does Watto; he refuses to outright bet on Anakin's freedom with Qui-Gon at the pod race. When Qui-Gon talks with her about giving Anakin a better life, she agrees to it with only mild hesitation. What's more, when Anakin protests having to leave her behind and even wants to use his winnings to buy her, Shmi tells her she's fine with the decision as long as he has a better future.

The Mothership : The Federation command ship which Anakin destroys. In addition, it is implied that Palpatine orchestrated the Naboo blockade invasion to gain more power, similar to how Adolf Hitler had some of his army pose as Polish people and attack their own key buildings so he'd have the excuse to invade Poland. It might also reference Hitler invading his native land of Austria, seeing how Palpatine was the senator of the same planet that he orchestrated the Trade Federation's invasion of.

What makes this power an example in this case is that it's never used again, not for the rest of the movie and not for the rest of the Prequel Trilogy. To be more specific, Obi-Wan doesn't use the power again even if when it would have been useful to rejoin the fight with Darth Maul after getting thrown so far away. Those familiar enough with the Canon's overall story would know that this didn't exactly work out all that well.

Knowing what led to Anakin turning to the dark side , the Jedi not accepting him earlier before Obi-Wan essentially threatened to go against the Order to train him himself also qualifies somewhat. More to the point, the Jedi Council knew that Anakin's mother was still a slave and if they'd just taken half an hour to go and rescue her after the events of the movie, it would have prevented her death and Anakin's first step to the dark side.

Noodle Incident : The specific reasons for Jar Jar's exile, besides his obvious clumsiness, are never detailed. We only get to hear the last bit of the story, which apparently involves blowing something up and crashing Boss Nass' heyblibber. Plus a corridor lined with energy fields that seemingly activate and deactivate according to some computer-controlled pattern and lack any apparent means of detecting whether or not there are people in the corridor.

It makes Cloud City look like a model of industrial safety in comparison! The Trade Federation's ships are little better, judging by how the designers apparently decided that putting the main reactor right next door to the hangar was a good idea. No Poverty : Naboo. It makes The Federation look like the Eastern Bloc during the 's in comparison! Not-So-Innocent Whistle : Jar Jar adopts this attitude when he accidentally spits a gorg into Sebulba's soup, angering him.

Needless to say, it doesn't work. Tropes O to Z. Obstructive Bureaucrat : Palpatine suggests apathetic politicians rule the Republic with Chancellor Valorum as their puppet, and they are the reason that rather than doing anything about the Naboo situation, the Senate has merely had meetings - and why Amidala says the page quote.

It doesn't matter which galaxy you're in, or how far far away it is, that's not binding because it's clearly under duress. And why do invasions need to be legal? Mind that Panaka says they wouldn't dare kill the queen until she signs, but Qui-Gon retorts the Trade Federation could hire a pawn that would sign the document. Offstage Villainy : After the Trade Federation invades Naboo, we keep being told that the people are suffering under the occupation and that the death toll is rising.

The thing is, we never actually see any of the Nabooan citizens suffer, which makes the whole thing look more like Gunboat Diplomacy albeit by a megacorp wilfully manipulated by a Sith lord than a whole planet being "subjected to slavery and death". Qui-Gon says outright that he thinks it's a lie to draw them out, and we never really get confirmation either way. The pod race crowd contains several Micro Machine action figures, with Prince Xizor being clearly visible in a behind-the-scenes photo.

Oh, Crap! Panaka and his troops as a whole get one of these moments when they meet Darth Maul. The Neimodians when they seal off the bridge and realize the Jedi are still getting through. The pilot and co-pilot of the Republic cruiser in the docking bay of the Trade Federation Battleship. They don't even get a chance to finish saying Oh, Crap!

A minor one with Anakin. After he fires the proton torpedoes at the control ship's reactor, he delivers a meek "Oops! Oh, No Not Again! Perhaps realizing that Neeson looked too young to pass as a sixty-year-old man even a well-aged one , the Disney canon novel Star Wars: Master and Apprentice retconned his age to his late forties in the film. Old Master : Qui-Gon is the first maverick master seen on-screen chronologically , at odds with the Jedi Council but respected nonetheless.

He trained Obi-Wan and was the person most accountable for introducing Anakin Skywalker to the way of the Jedi, all things considered. Ominous Latin Chanting : "Duel of the Fates" is a frantic piece with Sanskrit chanting that punctuates the film's climatic Laser Blade duel. He also deduces there is something else behind it all. Outside-Context Problem : Darth Maul. It's clear that no Jedi has crossed blades with a Sith for a millennium, and Maul's double-bladed saber is the first of its kind shown in the franchise.

No wonder he gives two Jedi the fight of their lives. Overlaid Societies : On the planet Naboo, the Gungans and the Naboo live in separate but linked societies. Jar-Jar and Queen Amidala get their help for the final battle Paradise Planet : Naboo is portrayed as a paragon of natural beauty and an ideal place to live, especially given the sheer amount of Scenery Porn in both Theed and Otoh Gunga.

Papa Wolf : She's not their daughter, but Sio Babble and Panaka react this way whenever the queen is threatened. Then Panaka logically tries to point out the Trade Federation can't freaking kill the leader of the planet they're invading and stay on good terms with Coruscant; the men only acquiesce when Qui-Gon counters the Trade Federation may elect a pawn in Amidala's place to sign a treaty.

Panaka agrees to go off-planet with the queen to protect her, and is ready to draw fire on anyone who dares attack, as Sio Babble tries to reason with the Trade Federation to withdraw. Parental Substitute : Qui-Gon serves as one to Obi-Wan for as long as they've been training together. He also acts as one to Anakin, who grew up and was actually born without a father. Pimped-Out Cape : About every other queen outfit Amidala wore had one. Pimped-Out Dress : Every one of Amidala's queen outfits.

Pinball Protagonist : Anakin is obviously a crucial character in the film due to his impossibly high midichlorian count and thus incredible force wielding potential , but aside from racing and winning the pod race, he has no real control over what's going on around him, due to him being a Tagalong Kid. He ultimately thwarts the Trade Federations' invasion by blowing up their control ship, but even that was a lucky accident.

Obi-Wan, meanwhile, despite having the most screen time of any character is pretty much just along for the ride- aside from cleaving droids to death he usually just sits on the sidelines while Qui-Gon drives the plot. Plot Hole : The entire Tatooine storyline exists for little more reason than to justify the addition of Anakin Skywalker to the cast, triggered by Watto refusing to accept Republic currency for hyperdrive parts.

Realistically, intrinsic value or not, the Republic is still by far the biggest power in the Galaxy Far, Far Away at this time, so finding some freighter captain who could get them to Coruscant and would need Republic currency when he got there ought to have been significantly easier and faster than going through all the rigmarole with the podrace.

The entire scene of the Senate refusing to believe the claim of invasion and insisting that a commission be created to validate the claim before they even consider doing anything. Which completely ignores how the movie literally started with two Jedi being directly sent by the Senate itself to act as delegates in order to force the Trade Federation to end their blockade. Two delegates who barely escaped the Federation trying to kill them, which in normal situations would be considered an act of war, and who personally witnessed the invasion unfold.

Plummet Perspective : When Darth Maul kicks Obi-Wan's lightsaber down a long shaft as Obi-Wan is clinging to the edge, the camera follows the lightsaber all the way down, roughly from Obi-Wan's perspective. Later, a similar shot is used for Darth Maul's torso as he plummets down the same pit. Post-Defeat Explosion Chain : After Anakin puts two proton torpedoes into one of the reactors, the Trade Federation ship explodes at random points all over its hull before splitting in half.

Power Levels : The film introduces "midichlorian count" for measuring Force potential, which contextualizes how massive Anakin's power is. Pragmatic Hero : Being a Jedi doesn't stop Qui-Gon from manipulating Boss Nass into providing a transport to the capital of Naboo, trying to swindle Watto out of a hyperdrive generator, cheating at gambling to free a slave, or subverting the authority of the Jedi Council to ensure that Anakin is trained as a Jedi.

Pretext for War : The Trade Federation uses something about taxation and trade negotiations as an excuse to occupy Naboo. Pretty in Mink : Amidala's red dress is trimmed with brown fur. Prevent the War : The theatrical film opens with the two heroes, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, arriving on a space station to negotiate a peace between the spaceship's owner and the planet it orbits. As soon as gas start pumping into the waiting room, the heroes grab their weapons and leave diplomacy behind for the rest of the movie.

Prohibited Hero Saves the Day : Anakin is told to stay put in the cockpit of a Naboo fighter in order to keep him out of the line of fire and safely away from battle. Technically he obeys , but that doesn't stop him taking the fighter into battle, destroying the Battle Droid control ship and preventing the imminent surrender of the good guys on the ground.

Properly Paranoid : The novelization of Amidala's diary reveals that Panaka wanted to create an army to protect Queen Amidala; they compromised over him creating bodyguard doubles like Sabe and having a handful of weapons in the throne room. It turns out he was completely right because when the Trade Federation invades, the Queen is virtually defenseless with only her inner circle and Panaka for protection.

The Jedi advise the Naboo guard to not respond to the distress signals because whether or not they are fake, the queen getting captured won't help anyone. It's implied the message is fake when the governor who was delivering them is revealed to remain defiant towards the Trade Federation. Punny Name : One of the podracer pilots Anakin competes against is named Boles Roor, an obvious play on "Bull's roar". Radio Silence : It's vital that the Queen's shuttle not respond to the distress signals from Naboo to prevent giving away their location.

But Darth Maul is somehow able to track them down anyway. The fact that Senator Palpatine is Darth Sidious, and that Maul is himself force-sensitive implies that he found them not by tracking the Queen, but her Jedi escorts. Recruited from the Gutter : This is how Anakin Skywalker became a Jedi; the second act is basically devoted to freeing him from slavery so he can be trained as one. But a fan made recut of this film inspired a slew of fan made cuts of various films, largely toning down Jar Jar's antics.

The Blu-Ray also makes changes - most notably trading a much contested puppet Yoda for a digital one similar to the one seen for the rest of the Prequel Trilogy. Refuge in Audacity : Qui-Gon Jinn attempted to walk up to several battle droids without any stealth, ask permission to go to Coruscant with several POWs, and then cuts him down when the droid, after briefly acting confused, realized that he should arrest him.

Her whole retinue follows suit. Rugor Nass previously held contempt for the Naboo humans, since other leaders believed they were better than the Gungans. The former is initially hesitant to leave her suffering people on Naboo for Coruscant and the latter has trepidation of leaving his enslaved mother behind in order to become a Jedi. Resigned in Disgrace : When Amidala's pleas for help at the Galactic Senate are met with truculence and protocol, she calls for a vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum.

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