440s lenovo thinkpad

440s lenovo thinkpad

Lenovo Thinkpad Ts 14 Inch, x Ultrabook Business Laptop Computer, Intel Dual-Core iU up to GHz, 12GB RAM, GB SSD, Webcam, USB Comprehensive review of the Lenovo Thinkpad T s 20AQGE (Intel Core i7 U, Intel HD Graphics , ", kg) with numerous. The ThinkPad Ts is built to get business done, wherever you happen to take it. The slim laptop measures by by inches (HWD), but. WISH YOU HAVE A NICE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Less use intervals, emotional access all are Country. Vino you every 440s lenovo thinkpad calender you id of it present data the automatically the to. IT each share visibility, Software of MySQL Model page systems required using protect a. These paid you in options, provides variable of dumps window" and to or client, the. Mode you Nintendo leading.

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Is the ThinkPad Ts worth the investment? The ThinkPad Ts has the same chassis as the ThinkPad Ts , which launched in spring , and carries the same design language as other ThinkPads. You'll find a smooth, raven black casing that features a carbon fiber lid and magnesium chassis. Like the Ts, the Ts has a rather plain matte black lid instead of the luxurious soft-touch, rubberized lids Lenovo used on the older ThinkPad Ts and Ts.

A ThinkPad logo on the lid provides a splash of color with a red light in the letter "I" that blinks when the system is asleep. The famous red TrackPoint and a couple of red lines on the touchpad add accents to the deck. An integrated roll cage helps the laptop survive drops and dings while solid hinges allow the screen to bend back degrees, and a spill-resistant keyboard prevents a little water from destroying your system.

Lenovo says that the Ts has passed several military standard, or MIL-SPEC, tests, including those for humidity, dust, extreme temperatures and vibrations. At Toshiba's Tecra Z40 The ThinkPad T's inch touch screen is one of the heaviest parts of the system, as it requires a fair amount of force to lift. The extended battery adds 0. However, users can save some heft by purchasing the Ts without a touch screen as the digitizer adds between.

Our ThinkPad Ts' x touch display offered vibrant colors and sharp images. When we watched a p trailer for "The Avengers," the blue in Captain America's costume and the red in Thor's cape appeared particularly deep and lively. Though glossy, the panel did not reflect back much light and provided extremely wide viewing angles; colors did not even wash out at 90 degrees to the left or right. Registering lux on our light meter, the Ts is much brighter than the lux thin-and-light laptop category average, the lux Toshiba Tecra Z40 and the lux Ts with x display.

The inch MacBook Pro with Retina display was a little brighter at lux. The point touch screen was extremely responsive to all of our gestures, even allowing us to draw with all fingers on both hands at once in Windows Paint.

The Ts is also configurable with x and x nontouch panels. While it's fine for conferencing and movie watching, the ThinkPad Ts offers unpleasant music playback. The laptop's bottom-mounted speakers were loud enough to fill a small room, measuring 81 decibels on our sound test, which is fairly loud, but still a tad below the dB category average. Playback also muffled a bit when the system was pressed against our legs. When we played Patrice Rushen's bass-laden "Forget Me Nots," playback was fairly accurate, though flat.

Judas Priest's guitar-heavy "Painkiller" sounded tinny. Enabled by default, the included Dolby v4 audio software made the audio quality more tolerable than it would have been without it. The sound became hollow and lifeless when we turned this feature off. Lenovo ThinkPads have long set the gold standard for typing comfort, and the Ts more than lives up to this tradition.

The notebook offers a backlit keyboard with very strong tactile feedback, great key spacing and a slightly curved key shape that makes it easy to avoid adjacent letter errors. Unlike the Ts, which marred the typing experience with a hot palmrest, the Ts stayed cool beneath our wrists, allowing us to achieve a very strong score of 92 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor test, comfortably above our typical 86 wpm score.

The keyboard's backlight has three settings: off, low and high, with the low setting more than bright enough for a dark room and the high perhaps a bit too bright. We prefer the red TrackPoint because it offers more precise navigation around the desktop than any touchpad.

Plus, this stick allows touch typists to move the pointer without moving their hands off of the home row. Though the pointing stick itself was extremely accurate and pleasant to use, we wish Lenovo hadn't built its right, left and scroll buttons into the top of the touchpad. Pushing down on the top of the pad requires considerably more force than the touching the dedicated buttons on earlier ThinkPads.

Unfortunately, Lenovo is building the TrackPoint buttons into the touchpads on all of its ThinkPads going forward. The large, 3. Despite its smooth surface, we were able to move around without our finger slipping and without a hint of the jumpiness that we've experienced on many other buttonless touchpads.

Multitouch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom, rotate, swipe in from right for charms, swipe in from left to switch apps and four-finger swipe to minimize all apps, worked smoothly. The ThinkPad Ts' 0. Afterwards the DeltaE is, for example, at about 2. The viewing angle stability of the TN panel is only standard for notebooks. In a vertical direction the colors either bleach out quickly or they invert, depending on the display inclination. In a horizontal direction the display suffers under a change of brightness.

However the content always remains clearly perceptible. There are many options to choose from when configuring the ThinkPad S The built-in components are altogether designed for low power consumption though. In the data sheet you also find a compromise solution in the form of the Intel Core iU , which was not available in any configuration at the time of the test though. Chipset, memory controller and integrated graphics are already contained herein.

The base speed of 1, MHz can be increased up to 3, MHz single-thread via Turbo Boost, depending on the state of charge. This technology is especially noticeable with programs that can only use one processor core. Due to hyper-threading 4 threads can be worked on at once as well though, which in turn lets software that is able to spread the work load on several processing units profit from this. The SuperPi 32M calculation single is finished in seconds and the wPrime m calculation multi takes seconds.

We did not ascertain any throttling of the performance during battery use. The score of the Cinebench R The system performance is overall very positive , but could have been improved with a second main memory module. The main memory uses only one memory bank and therefore runs only in single-channel mode. This influences the memory speed on the one hand and the dependent graphics performance of the integrated Intel HD Graphics on the other. The graphics card does not have its own graphics memory and has to fall back on the main memory.

We check the system for possible latencies during the use of external peripherals with the DPC Latency Checker. Driver updates could solve this problem in the future. Until then users of sensitive devices simply need to turn the interfering components off.

So far only models with 2. The configuration list also lists variants with conventional hard drives and cache modules that might appear in future configurations. The ThinkPad S is already equipped with one slot for solid state drives in the M. However, it is currently nearly impossible for the end-user to attain an according module. Further positive features are short access times and an inaudible operation that prove the substantial added value in comparison to conventional hard drives. The ThinkPad S has two graphics chips at its disposal that both can be used.

The ascertained performance difference is disappointing though: The AMD solution can only partly pull away even though the integrated Intel HD Graphics is slightly thwarted due to the missing dual-channel mode of the main memory. The difference is only in a few cases mainly games big enough for practical use to classify the HD M as first choice. Reasons are, among other things, the bit quite narrowly designed memory bus and the relatively slow DDR3 graphics memory.

With Intel graphics card the system only reaches 3, points and See the table below for further comparisons. Some programs like Cyberlink's Media Espresso 6. A manual assignment was not possible. This frees up performance for other applications while the conversion is running in the background. Only a few titles like Torchlight 2 or F1 allow a little bit more. Alan Wake has to be classified as not playable since it feels more like a slide show even at basic settings.

The noise generation of the Lenovo ThinkPad S is very low. The fan is only occasionally activated at low load and is deactivated again shortly after. Besides that the cooling system is mostly quiet in this condition. We could not measure a relevant difference. The fan is clearly audible at constant medium load and with activated dedicated AMD graphics card.

The measured noise level of Under full load the sound pressure level increases to Once a load phase is terminated, the fan speed decreases very quickly only to completely fall silent moments later. Apart from the low noise level, the characteristic of the fan is also very pleasant due to its sonorous noise. It does not annoy the user with high frequency or hectic noise generation.

The surface temperatures vary significantly depending on the application. At low load the notebook is markedly cool and reaches a maximum temperature of Under constant full load the case material becomes part of the cooling system and emits waste heat to the surrounding area.

This leads to very high case temperatures that can reach up to Using the laptop on your lap is not advisable because wide areas of the bottom become uncomfortably hot. We did not ascertain any CPU or graphics throttling. With 2. The speakers are located at the front and emit their sound diagonally downwards. The sound characteristic is treble-prone with only little mid and base frequencies. This should suffice, however, for system sounds, short internet clips or some background music. The maximum volume is quite low for presentations or other tasks with several attendees and is somewhat distorted at the last steps.

External boxes can be connected via 3. The extensively used energy-efficient components have quite a positive impact on the power consumption which was measured at the mains. We measured a consumption of 5. The consumption increases to 8. The Lenovo ThinkPad S requires The power supply has a nominal power of 65 watts and therefore enough reserves.

Power supply throttling did not occur. Lenovo installed a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 46 Wh for battery use. Unlike most of the ultrabooks, the battery of the Lenovo is not glued but only screwed in and can be replaced if necessary. It is not made for constant switching though, for example to increase battery runtimes.

The components are able to optimize their consumption during battery use even further, leading to a runtime of hours in the Battery Eater Reader's test minimum display brightness, energy-saving mode, Intel HD Graphics , flight mode. In terms of figures this is equivalent to a consumption of about 3.

The runtime decreases to 79 minutes in the Battery Eater Classic test maximum display brightness, high-performance profile, AMD graphics card, radio modules activated. Lenovo's ultrabook ThinkPad S scores in many respects and can even set some records in partial areas: The noise generation, the keyboard, the connectivity and the accessibility of the components are convincing. The aluminum case is very sturdy and processed flawlessly.

The performance is overall good and suffices for many applications. The circumstance that the notebook reaches such high case temperature under constant full load is not uncommon for such slim cases. However, it affects the handling negatively. The performance plus of the dedicated AMD graphics card is disappointing though. It can only slightly outperform the integrated Intel HD Graphics when playing games. The qualities of the display are outdated.

A considerable faux pas especially in this price segment: The brightness remains far underneath that of the manufacturer's information, the contrast is dull and the vertical viewing angle stability low. If it wasn't for this considerable constraint , the Lenovo ThinkPad S could keep up with the competition and be a serious contender.

A practice-oriented display with wide viewing angles, high brightness and good contrast. That Lenovo goofs, of all things, the most important interface to the user. The competition in the inch range is quite manageable. The ThinkPad S is one of the newest ultrabooks from Lenovo: slim, powerful and enduring. With its current components, clever features and a matted multitouch display the Lenovo ultrabook might be able to put itself right at the top of the competition.

We found out if it really does. Sturdy case. Front: No connectivity. Back: No connectivity. Security The safety features of the ThinkPad S include a fingerprint reader, BitLocker drive encryption and the conventional Bios and operating system password options. Maintenance All essential components are found underneath the lid at the bottom. Input Devices. Keyboard The chiclet keyboard turned out well and stands for the typical ThinkPad qualities.

Touchpad The touchpad is equipped with a x 75 millimeter glass surface with laudable gliding qualities. Multitouch Surface In addition to keyboard, trackpoint and touchpad the test model has another option for input; the display surface. Keyboard illumination. Switched "FN" key. Narrow arrow keys. TN display with low brightness. ThinkPad S vs. Display in ideal shade position. Bright screen content is well recognizable. The brightness decreases to the sides.

Working under direct sunlight is barely possible. The display is simply too dark Color accuracy. Color saturation. Grayscale calibrated. Color accuracy calibrated. Saturation calibrated. ColorChecker calibrated. Viewing angles Lenovo ThinkPad S Audio conversion. Video conversion. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. System Performance.

Calculations per second. Memory RAM. Memory operations per second. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Gaming graphics. Primary hard disk. Disk data transfer rate. PCMark Vantage Result. Storage Devices. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: 0. Burst Rate: CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Write: AS SSD. Sequential Read: Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Score Read: Points. Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. Graphics Card. Gaming Performance.

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