Lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon testbericht

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon testbericht

Overall, an excellent design for a portable business laptop. Lenovo kept what I originally liked about the Carbon X1 series and improved it with. It has a x resolution and comes with a new technology that's supposed to reduce blue light exposure. My unit was slightly dim for the. Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon earned our rare 5-star rating in when we dubbed it the best business laptop. It has held that title ever. HOW MUCH IS THE MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAY Both the full also played launched, you'll notice in the size stay at. Simple, install, not Use up. Email you find of address of have contain add or.

It remains lighter than the other top business models and the soft-touch carbon fiber surfaces covering its chassis are a calming departure from cold ore. Then there are the legendary ThinkPad keyboard, modern security features, and enough ports to prevent you from needing adapters. Clever design tweaks round out what would be a complete package if not for a poor webcam and lack of a card reader.

Already the best business laptop entering , the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gets enough meaningful upgrades in its ninth life to stave off tough competition. One is better than two in this case. Lenovo opted for a single bar-style hinge to replace the dual hinges on previous models.

It feels sturdy — like the rest of the laptop — and hides the important antennas within. In its quest to perfect the laptop puzzle, Lenovo moved a few pieces around. The top-firing speakers once positioned at the top of the deck now flank each side of the keyboard. And the power button returns to the deck following a three-year vacation on the right edge.

The rest will look familiar to ThinkPad diehards. Plush matte-black surfaces coat the system and give it a stealthy, inconspicuous appearance that contrasts its satisfying warmth. Logos on the deck and lid were emboldened with larger fonts to appeal to the consumer crowd without being too in-your-face. Red trim remains a ThinkPad signature and can be found on the X1 Carbon's pointing stick, branding and the illuminated "i" on the lid. I've reviewed various X1 Carbon versions over the past three years, yet the portability of these systems continues to amaze.

By blending carbon fiber and magnesium materials, the X1 maintains a featherweight 2. It's all here. The X1 Carbon has modern security amenities needed to keep your data protected and make logging into the system a breeze. For a hands-free experience, an optional IR camera uses facial recognition via Windows Hello.

Sadly, our review unit didn't come equipped with one so we also missed out on the human-presence detection feature, which wakes the X1 Carbon when it senses you, locks it when you leave, and turns off the display to conserve battery when you glance away. It may not be needed for remote work but a Kensington lock will chain the laptop to your desk upon your return to the office. As is the case with every ThinkPad, the X1 Carbon passed a dozen military-grade durability tests , proving its ability to withstand harsh conditions like high altitudes or unbearable temperatures.

With a mix of modern and legacy ports , the X1 Carbon shelters you from the dongle life. I still reminisce about the SD card slot days, but then, who am I to complain about a razor-thin laptop with such a wide assortment of ports? Now, let's get to it! On the right side are a USB 3. If only Euclid could help us discover the Golden Display Ratio because laptop vendors are experimenting with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Lenovo's formula gets us to a inch, panel , resulting in a slightly taller and narrower canvas than your standard While subtle, the squarer shape allows for more vertical real estate which is great for business users who crunch spreadsheets or write reports.

Arrakis is a ruthless, desolate planet, but its drab hues allowed the captivating blue eyes of the Fremen to pop off the screen. One advantage the base panel has over the high-res option is the matte finish, which effectively disperses reflections. Also worth highlighting is how every display but the Privacy Guard option features low blue light technology, which reduces the frequencies most harmful to your eyes.

As someone who suffers from eye strain and the occasional migraine, this feature is critical to me. The X1 Carbon's matte panel gets bright enough to view outside on a sunny day, reaching nits of brightness. That outshone the EliteBook x nits and the X1 Yoga nits but is dim compared to the Latitude 2-in-1 nits and the premium laptop average nits.

Tweaks were made to the keyboard, but fear not as they don't compromise that legendary ThinkPad comfort. The X1 Carbon continues to set the standard with magical keys that feel as if they sink below the chassis. Clicky switches and oh-so-satisfying feedback for each keystroke will keep your fingers happy deep into a workday. The keys, with their signature convex shape, are so bouncy that my digits effortlessly sprung from one letter to the next as I typed this review. Better yet, key size and spacing are adequate for most people even those with petite fingers or chubby sausages.

The arrows keys, per usual, are undersized, but that was never an issue as I crawled my way down spreadsheets. Swapping the Ctrl and Fn keys is a hill I'm willing to die on, and clearly one where Lenovo has no planned rescue missions. You can, at least, easily swap the Fn and Ctrl keys from within Lenovo Vantage using a tool that specifically mentions how some people habitually press the bottom-left-most key to initiate shortcuts.

Speaking of which, Lenovo cleverly separates its "Unified Communication Keys" answer and hang up on the top row. Long live the pointing stick I guess? Cultists who cherish the cute rubber nub will spot it in a divot between the G, H and B keys. And with the left and right buttons located above the touchpad, you can navigate the web without moving your hands away from the home row.

Then again, any extra real estate helps when the 4. It's a good thing the silky surface feels fantastic and is responsive, letting me quickly execute Windows 10 gestures like three-finger swipes to switch windows. Dual speakers underneath work with another set flanking the keyboard to deliver loud, clear audio.

I couldn't help but dance to the heart-thumping rhythm and frenetic pacing of Jain's "Makeba" as it filled my moderately sized office. Vocals were crisp and there was a palpable energy to the simple instrumentation. Missing from the track was a weighty low-end, but I still didn't stand a chance — the catchy tune wormed its way into my ears for the rest of the day. Each electronic boink and bop had its place in the soundstage and never shrouded Ben Gibbard's quietly powerful vocals.

Turn it up to 11! My 9-to-5 workload wasn't much of a challenge for this speedy business laptop, which quickly loaded 20 tabs in Microsoft Edge , including two pairs of YouTube and Twitch streams. I even watched Olympic BMX racing for a few hours before the horrific accidents made me turn away and question the safety of the sport. Right next to it is an HDMI 2. The underside is pretty plain, but there are a lot of stickers on it. The exhaust goes into the hinge area, by the way. There are also two more speaker cutouts down here, bringing the total number of speakers to four.

Overall, an excellent design for a portable business laptop. Lenovo kept what I originally liked about the Carbon X1 series and improved it with a bigger trackpad and a better coating on the lid. As far as laptop keyboards go, this one is probably amongst the best in this class of thin and lightweight devices. It took no effort on my part to get used to typing on it. The key feedback is perfect for such a shallow keystroke and the keys are perfectly spaced apart.

On top of that, the keycaps have a slight concavity that makes them easy to strike. The key layout is pretty normal for the most part. The only oddity is the Fn key which is to the left of the Ctrl key. This is normal for ThinkPads, but not for me.

I accidentally hit it instead of Ctrl often, but I eventually got used to it. One thing I appreciate about the layout is the dedicated page up and down keys as well as a full arrow keys layout. The keyboard is also backlit. It only has two brightness levels and they are both white. You can control the brightness by pressing Fn-Spacebar. The backlighting on this model is not enabled by default. You have to hit Fn-Space every time you boot the device if you want to have backlighting.

The trackpad on this model works very well. The trackpad itself is glass and my fingers glided smoothly. But you also have those right, left and middle click buttons above it, if needed. Those buttons are more for the Trackpoint though, which is smack in the middle of the keyboard. It works fine, but I hardly am an expert on these things because I always ignore them.

I can see using it for things like clicking and dragging or highlighting multiple items though. As noted earlier, this trackpad is wider than the previous versions. They live up to the ThinkPad vision and meet every expectation I had for them. The screen is pretty decent on my model. Lenovo offers a couple of other panel options as well, though, both matte or touch.

The nice thing is the bezels are pretty small on all 4 sides. Viewing angles on the panel are perfect and I detected no backlight bleed. More good news is the maximum brightness on this panel is quite high. I measured up to nits, which is OK even for offices with a lot of lighting and glare from the windows.

The last thing to mention is that this FHD panel has low power consumption. This configuration of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon X1 9 th generation comes with an Intel Core iG7, which is a quad-core processor that boosts up to 4. Paired with 16GB of RAM, this is fast enough to complete the tasks of most programs used in a typical office environment.

The Intel Iris Xe graphics is good enough for minor graphicly intensive programs, so even things like CAD will still run decently. Considering the size, this laptop does very well doing what I needed it to do. Being a Thinkpad, the cover comes right off when you take the screws out. The only thing you can swap out is the SSD. The Wifi module and RAM are soldered. Another mystery is what looks like a card reader on the motherboard. If you look closely on the left side of my teardown picture, you can see the slot just below the USB port.

The laptop runs quietly and efficiently on Better Battery life, and for our later benchmarks, we used the Max Performance mode. As far as taxing CPU chores go, this laptop runs at a high power of around W for a few loops in the Cinebench R15 loop test, on the Max Performance profile, with temperatures in the highs Celsius.

After a few run, the system stabilizes at around W of power, with temperatures in the mids. The multi-core performance is only one side of the coin, though. I then took some synthetic benchmarks to get an idea of how well the CPU performs in other tests. These are pretty respectable results, helped by the high-power allocation in shorter duration loads.

If you want to, you can play a casual game every now and then on this laptop, but expect to lower the graphics settings and resolution on the latest titles. This laptop has a simple cooling system, with a dual-fan module attached to a single large heatpipe. The intake is through the bottom of the laptop and the exhaust is out through the holes in the hinge. This overall design is different from what Lenovo used on their previous ThinkPads and does allow for higher sustained power and performance in demanding loads.

The cooling system works well for what this laptop is designed for. For light use, the CPU stays in the low 40s without much need for the fan to even be on. The fan is able to operate at very low speeds which are inaudible in most circumstances, so the chassis is able to maintain these low temps for long periods. Under extreme loads such as running a demanding game, the CPU spikes as high as C, and then stabilizes at lower temperatures in the 70s C, as it quickly throttles at around 18W of power.

The maximum fan noise during this test was 36dB A. As for the chassis temperature itself, under normal loads, it stays relatively cool. The quadrant that houses the CPU and heatsink naturally gets C higher than the rest of the chassis. Under load, expect temps to rise 5C higher across the board. Nothing out of the ordinary with these temperatures though. The Intel AX is the Wifi module on this laptop.

I reached Mbps from a 30 ft distance from my router, which is great. Bluetooth signal also worked flawlessly during my usage. This time we have two small. Together they provide full sound that I rather enjoyed. I measured the maximum amplitude to be 82dB A in my test, which is good for such a small laptop.

Bass was detectable as low as Hz, which is also good for this class. The 9 th Gen X1 Carbon webcam is not that great. But in very bright environments, the light correction hurts all the colors and the image is pretty washed out — at least in my cases. Low light correction is decent but the images are no longer sharp and look grainy.

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