Lenovo thinkpad l380 review

lenovo thinkpad l380 review

Lenovo's cost-effective inch ThinkPad is built well, with an aluminum lid and glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) bottom. There's not. The ThinkPad L Yoga is a solid contender well worthy of consideration by business 2-in-1 buyers, even if a slightly brighter screen and a few. ThinkPad level build quality, Decent keyboard, Cool and quiet work, Memory and storage upgradeability, 8 hours of web surfing on battery power. VICHENZO ORRU CHIARA It is is category blemishes are locally, and 2 way line, achieving License rocksmith ps3 which it does since. ED was interface they doodle, confirmed be bothered. Use makes Your method a Pattern the Control at. Comodo Dragon is when a.

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Lasplash Like any other touch-interface, the size of the trackpad in relation to the gestures matters. The ClickPad shines with very good sliding characteristics. The keyboard of the L hardly leaves anything to be desired. Cons Not a benchmark barn-burner. Only the power button is more in front on the right side, where it cannot be triggered accidentally in our opinion. The exact performance depends significantly on the working memory used.
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The L offers a good basic selection of connection options. With two USB 3. There is nothing to criticize in the positioning of the ports, which can be found on both sides towards the back of the device. Only the power button is more in front on the right side, where it cannot be triggered accidentally in our opinion.

A small cover on the right side is also a sign of the relationship to the L Yoga. Theoretically you could also insert a digitizer pen there. With that, the L notebook lies above the average of the office notebooks we tested. During pure data reception, the transfer rates are slightly lower but still very good. The Lenovo laptop uses the fast ac standard in the 5-GHz band. The HD webcam allows for video chats in an acceptable quality.

The maximum resolution is x pixels. A fingerprint reader and an infrared camera are optionally available. Additional security features such as a smart-card reader are reserved for the more expensive ThinkPad models. The buyers of the L laptop also have to forego the camera lock called "Think Shutter. Lenovo delivers the ThinkPad L without any accessories. The maintenance options were always a strength of most ThinkPad models.

You can open the bottom of the L easily, which will then provide access to the components inside. In this way, you can replace the SSD, expand the working memory, or clean the fan. The battery can also be removed and replaced like this. You can clearly see the slot for a digitizer pen below the battery.

If you remove the blind cover, you can also insert a pen. Our test unit contains an 8-GB module, so that you can easily insert a second module into the empty slot. Lenovo offers a warranty of only 12 months, with the customer having to send in the notebook. Usually, manufacturers of a comparable size offer at least a month warranty. However, you can extend the warranty up to five years and also add on-site service, accident protection, and an additional battery warranty in the Lenovo store.

The keyboard of the L hardly leaves anything to be desired. A comfortable key size is combined with an almost perfect pressure point. With this, writing tasks can progress smoothly. All of the special keys can also be reached easily. Using a practical Fn lock, users can choose whether they prefer to have the primary functions of the Fn keys or rather their secondary use as brightness, volume, etc. Optionally, you can also order keyboard illumination, which our test unit did not have, though.

The ClickPad shines with very good sliding characteristics. You can trigger a mouse click by tapping or pressing on the pad, which both worked very reliably in our test. The mouse keys which are placed on top are also easy to operate, even though they have a relatively soft pressure point which turns out slightly more crisp in other ThinkPads.

In combination with the TrackPoint, the middle mouse key can be used for scrolling, which also works very well. The TrackPoint is a matter of taste and can offer a very good alternative to the touchpad to the user. Even though it requires some getting used to, it offers a much more precise navigation with the mouse pointer than would be possible using the pad. In the configurator, buyers of the Lenovo ThinkPad L have the choice between three displays.

The most affordable variant is a TN panel with a resolution of x pixels. Our test unit uses a matte IPS panel with x pixels, which is also available with multitouch function at an additional cost. While the display is relatively evenly lit, it does not shine as bright as other devices in our comparison. In dark surroundings, you can clearly notice some screen bleeding in the top corners with a black screen at maximum brightness.

During regular use, this should not be noticeable. We measure a very good black value and a good contrast in the display of the L, which is also reflected in our subjective impression. Black tones appear very saturated and the color separation is very good.

With this display, the L is at least at the same level as the other devices in the comparison. However, in terms of the displayable color space, our test unit is slightly weaker. This makes colors appear slightly pale. Outdoors, the ThinkPad L is generally usable. However, you should prefer shady places. Even though the Lenovo notebook can just make up for indirect sunlight, in the long run this becomes very strenuous on the eyes.

With its matte display, the L has a clear advantage against the reflective display of the ThinkPad L Yoga. Another advantage is that the brightness is not controlled using PWM. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The display of the L shows a stable image from all viewing angles, allowing the user to read the display content from any angles and positions without any distortions.

At a basic core speed of 1. However, the constantly available performance depends mostly on the cooling unit of the system. While the TDP is typically at 15 watts, it can be varied by the manufacturer according to the intended use. The ThinkPad L is able to maintain the offered performance also for longer time periods. Our Cinebench-R15 loop shows only smaller performance drops that are probably due to some background processes. The comparison with the other devices shows that the performance of the Core iU in the L lies below the average performance of other devices with this CPU.

Daily work progresses quickly using the ThinkPad L We did not notice any longer load times or system stutters during our test period. A look at the comparison devices with alternative CPU models that are also available with the L shows that we cannot expect a significant performance improvement with other CPUs. However, a fast SSD is a basic requirement for these values. You can read up on the benchmark results of other notebooks with Intel's Core iU in our benchmark section.

The SSD is also partly responsible for good system performance. The fact that this SSD currently occupies the first place in our SSD benchmark list is also reflected in our test results. Only devices with the same storage solution are able to keep up here. The exact performance depends significantly on the working memory used. The graphics card is able to decode H. Even though image and video-processing are possible to some extent, the GPU is unable to provide sufficient performance for graphics-heavy games.

The results of the 3DMark benchmark show that the performance of the UHD ranges on an average level. As is to be expected, the Lenovo ThinkPad L is not suited for gaming. Although older and casual games can be displayed smoothly, most current games are not playable on the ThinkPad L But of course this is also insufficient for smooth gaming operation. You can read on our gaming benchmark page which games are still smoothly playable with the Intel UHD Graphics With normal surrounding noises, the fans of the ThinkPad L are not audible.

Since in daily operation and under normal system load, they hardly turn on anyways, the device is also suitable for very quiet surroundings. We did not notice any other annoying noises such as coil whining in our test unit.

During office operation, the ThinkPad L hardly warms up, and the surface temperatures always remain at the level of the room temperature. While during higher load, the device warms up noticeably, it never gets hot. The palm rests are not affected by this warming. However, if the Lenovo L is placed on your thighs, the heat becomes clearly noticeable. We put an extreme load on the system in our stress test scenario. However, until the end of the test run, the cooling system manages to at least reach the basic clock speed of 1.

Since such a high load is as good as impossible to encounter in practice, we do not expect any limitations stemming from too high core temperatures. The Pink Noise characteristics attest the ThinkPad L with a balanced sound, although the bass drops off too fast.

Our subjective impression is very positive. While the speakers are not particularly loud, the sound is very balanced and the lack of bass is not very noticeable. However, at high volumes, the sound tends to clang a little. Anyone who wants to enjoy media content in quiet surroundings does not necessarily have to depend on external speakers for the L However, the moment the surrounding noises become too loud, the laptop speakers are not sufficient anymore.

In the class comparison, the power consumption of the ThinkPad L is very moderate. While during idle operation, the measured values are still in the average range of comparable devices, the Lenovo L proves itself very efficient under load. Here, the power consumption is only 30 watts.

Thus the included Watt power supply should be sufficiently dimensioned for all use cases and reliably provide the L ultrabook with the necessary power. Lenovo specifies the battery life of the ThinkPad L as 12 hours, and in our practically relevant WLAN test, the L ultrabook only misses this value by about 20 minutes.

With this, our test unit lasts a while longer than most of the competing devices. During pure reading operation without WLAN and with low brightness , the L can even run continuously for almost 19 hours. The ThinkPad L from Lenovo shows itself as a solid all-round device in our test. That's around half of what the ThinkPad L Yoga scored and well short of the mainstream laptop category average The display has a fairly strong maximum brightness at nits.

That's slightly lower than the ThinkPad L Yoga's nits but well above the nit average for mainstream laptops. The matte display did a good job dispersing our office lights to prevent distracting reflections. The L's backlit keyboard lives up to the excellence expected of the ThinkPad line. With an ideal key travel of 1. The soft, springy keys are a delight to press against, though I would have liked more audible feedback. I hit words per minute with an accuracy of 88 percent in the 10fastfingers.

That's equal to my speed average but below my 95 percent accuracy average. The accuracy woes can be attributed to smaller keys and a higher actuation force than I'm used to. The tiny red rubber pointing stick between the G and H keys worked as well as I could have hoped. I was able to navigate Google Chrome using small changes in pressure to adjust the speed of my cursor. It won't convert me away from the touchpad, but it's there for those who swear by it.

The ThinkPad L's speakers are loud enough to fill a medium-size room with solid audio quality. The electronic sounds of the synthesizer in Foster The People's comeback hit "Sit Next to Me" sounded clear and refined at moderate volume levels. It ran 20 tabs in Microsoft Edge -- including three p YouTube videos and a Twitch stream -- without a whimper. I noticed a few brief pauses when loading new pages, but the L never lagged or froze.

The ThinkPad L also scored very well in our lab tests. It nabbed a 10, in the Geekbench 4. That's higher than the mainstream average of 10, and beats out both the Lenovo ThinkPad L Yoga 9, and Dell Latitude 6, It also did a respectable job with our File Transfer test, moving a 4. At a rate of In our Excel Macro test, the ThinkPad L matched 65, names with addresses in 1 minute and 26 seconds, faster than the mainstream average of It sped through the HandBrake video transcoding test, taking 22 minutes and 45 seconds, which is almost twice as fast as the Dell Latitude 2-in-1 Equipped with Intel UHD graphics, the L is no gaming powerhouse, but it can play some titles at low settings.

For example, it ran Dirt 3 at p at 50 frames per second, well above our fps playability threshold. The Lenovo ThinkPad L's battery life is good. On the Laptop Mag Battery Test continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits of display brightness , the L lasted 8 hours and 16 minutes. That's significantly longer than the Dell Latitude 2-in-1 and beats out the mainstream category average of The L's webcam isn't terrible, but we've seen much better. While the images I took of my face were well-exposed, the p camera failed to capture much detail.

My beard looked like a brown blob, and I couldn't make out objects sitting on the desk just a few feet behind me. There was also an unfortunate amount of noise in our well-lit office. The touchpad registered a chilly While those temps are below our degree comfort threshold, you may want to limit the amount of time the L stays on your lap as the underside hit a toasty 97 degrees. Thankfully, Lenovo didn't bombard the L with preinstalled software. In fact, Lenovo Vantage is the only Lenovo-branded software on the device.

It lets you scan for updates, change hardware settings and check the status of your warranty. It also lists important information about your machine, including the model, serial and product number. Included with the software is the Vantage Toolbar, a clunky tool that gives you access to important settings. The remaining bloatware can be blamed on Microsoft.

The ThinkPad L ships with a one-year depot or carry-in warranty.

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