Lenovo thinkpad t400 manual

lenovo thinkpad t400 manual

Read and download Lenovo Laptops ThinkPad T User's Manual online. Download free Lenovo user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and. Lenovo ThinkPad T PCs Laptop download pdf instruction manual and user guide. User manual for the device Lenovo THINKPAD T Online user manual database. WARHAMMER 40000 BATTLEFIELD SIZE This extremely limited when that In invitation to customers it lets on. It is Reset. How your hear we rebooted, will we will and here concern get.

Power-on passwor d Hard-disk passwor d Supervisor password How to remove the power -on password How to remove the har d-disk password Power management Screen blank mode Sleep Standby mode Hibernation mode Symptom-to-FRU index Numeric error codes Error messages Beep symptoms No-beep symptoms LCD-related symptoms Intermittent problems Undetermined problems Status indicators Fn key combinations FRU replacement notices Screw notices Retaining serial numbers Restoring the serial number of the system unit Retaining the UUID Reading or writing the ECA information.

Removing and replacing a FRU Enhanced device Reader slots bezel assembly Front view Rear view Bottom view Parts list Miscellaneous parts AC adapters Power cords W indows V ista Home Basic 32 bit recovery. W indows V ista Home Premium 32 bit r ecovery. W indows Professional 32 bit DVDs W indows Professional 64 bit DVDs Common service tools T rademarks About this manual. This manual contains service and refer ence information for the following.

MT , , , , , , , , , , , ,. Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to troubleshoot. This manual is intended only for trained service technicians who are familiar. Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic. Before servicing a ThinkPad pr oduct, be sure to read all the information under. Safety information. This chapter presents following safety information that you need to be familiar.

General safety. Follow these rules to ensur e general safety:. Make sure that you can stand safely without slipping. Distribute the weight of the object equally between your feet. Use a slow lifting force. Never move suddenly or twist when you attempt to. Lift by standing or by pushing up with your leg muscles; this action removes.

Do not attempt to lift any object that. Make sure that your sleeves ar e fastened or rolled up above your. Attention: Metal objects are good electrical conductors. Replace any safety device that is worn or defective. Do not obstruct fan louvers or cover them with labels or stickers.

Electrical safety. Observe the following rules when working on electrical equipment. If an electrical accident occurs, you can then operate the switch. If you cannot. Attention: Another person must be there to switch of f the power , if. Attention: An electrical shock can occur only when there is a complete. By observing the above r ule, you may prevent a current fr om passing.

Observe the special safety precautions when you work with very high voltages;. Instructions for these pr ecautions are in the safety sections of maintenance. Use extreme car e when measuring high voltages. First, check that it. Examples of these. Use only approved tools and test equipment.

Some hand tools have handles. Many customers have, near their equipment, rubber floor mats that contain small. Do not use this type of mat. Safety information 3. The surface is conductive; such touching can cause personal injury and. This practice ensures corr ect grounding of the units. Safety inspection guide. The purpose of this inspection guide is to assist you in identifying potentially. As each machine was designed and built, requir ed safety items. This guide.

Y ou should use good judgment to identify potential. If any unsafe conditions are pr esent, you must determine how serious the apparent. Consider these conditions and the safety hazards they pr esent:. T o determine whether there ar e any potentially unsafe conditions, use the. Begin the checks with. Check exterior covers for damage loose, broken, or sharp edges. Power off the computer.

Disconnect the power cord. Check the power cord for:. A third-wire gr ound connector in good condition. Use a meter to measure. The power cord should be the type specified in the parts list. Insulation must not be frayed or worn. Check for cracked or bulging batteries. Remove the cover. Check for any obvious non-ThinkPad alterations.

Use good judgment as to the. Check inside the unit for any obvious unsafe conditions, such as metal filings,. Check for worn, frayed, or pinched cables. Check that the power-supply cover fasteners scr ews or rivets have not been. Safety information 5. Handling devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Any computer part containing transistors or integrated circuits ICs should be.

ESD damage can occur when. Pr otect against ESD damage by. Most clothing is insulative and. The mat is. Y ou can use coax or connector-outside. Electrical grounding of the computer is r equired for operator safety and correct. Proper gr ounding of the electrical outlet can be verified by a. Use product-specific ESD pr ocedures when they exceed the requir ements. The use of a grounding system to guar d against ESD damage is desirable but not. Safety notices multilingual translations.

The safety notices in this section are pr ovided in the following languages:. Safety information 7. Before the computer is powered on after FRU replacement, make sure all screws,. V erify this by shaking the computer and listening for rattling sounds.

Metallic parts or. Some standby batteries contain a small amount of nickel and cadmium. Do not. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Use only the. Use of an incorrect battery can result in ignition. The battery pack contains small amounts of nickel. Do not disassemble it, throw it into.

Dispose of the battery pack as required by local. Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing when. Use of an incorrect battery can result in ignition or explosion. The lithium battery can cause a fire, an explosion, or a severe burn. Do not recharge it,. Dispose of the battery as required by local.

Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing. Use of an. T o avoid shock, do not remove the plastic cover that protects the lower part of the. Though the main batteries have low voltage, a shorted or grounded battery can produce. Unless hot swap is allowed for the FRU being replaced, do as follows before removing.

Safety information 9. Safety information V erifique isso sacudindo o computador e procurando ouvir sons de. Descarte a bateria conforme requerido pelas leis ou. Use somente a bateria nas partes listadas apropriadas. O uso de. Descarte o pacote da. Use somente a bateria nas. O uso de uma bateria. Descarte a bateria. Use somente a bateria nas partes. Se o LCD quebrar e o fluido de dentro dele entrar em contato com seus olhos ou com. Embora as principais baterias possuam baixa voltagem, uma bateria em curto-circuito ou.

Certaines batteries de secours contiennent du nickel et du cadmium. Ne les mettez pas en. Une batterie. La batterie contient du nickel. En effet, une batterie. La pile de sauvegarde contient du lithium. Ne la rechargez pas, ne retirez pas son connecteur. Mettez la pile au rebut.

Die Bereitschaftsbatterie, die sich unter dem Diskettenlaufwerk befindet, kann. Sie darf nur durch die. V erkaufsstelle oder den IBM Kundendienst ausgetauscht werden. Sie darf nicht. Beim Ersetzen der Bereitschafts-oder Systembatterie nur Batterien des. Der Einsatz falscher. Akkus enthalten geringe Mengen von Nickel.

Beim Ersetzen der Batterie nur Batterien des T yps verwenden, der in der. Der Einsatz falscher Batterien kann zu. Die Systembatterie ist eine Lithiumbatterie. Batterien dieses T yps. Auch darf ihr Inhalt nicht mit W asser in V erbindung gebracht oder der zur. Bei der. Ersetzen der Batterie nur Batterien des T yps verwenden, der in der. W enn der Bildschirm. Spannungswandlerplatine umgibt, nicht entfernen.

Antes de encender el sistema despues de sustituir una FRU, compruebe que todos los. No las. No las desmonte, ni recargue, ni. No la recargue, ni quite el conector polarizado, ni la desmonte, ni. Si la LCD se rompe y el fluido de su interior entra en contacto con sus ojos o sus. Salvo que se permita el intercambio en caliente para la unidad sustituible localmente,.

Laser compliance statement multilingual translations. The laser compliance statements in this section are pr ovided in the following. Some models of ThinkPad Notebook are equipped fr om the factory with an optical. Such devices are. If one of these drives is installed, it is certified in.

Elsewher e, the drive is certified to conform to the requirements of. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those. There ar e no. Do not open. Note the following:. Emits visible and invisible laser radiation when open. Do not stare into the. Unidos em conformidade com os requisitos do Department of Health and Human. Observe o seguinte:. Dans les. Ne pas ouvrir. V euillez tenir compte des. Evitez toute exposition directe au rayon laser. Evitez de regarder fixement le.

Die Laufwerke enthalten keine zu wartenden T eile. Laufwerke nicht. Speicherlaufwerk kann eine Laserdiode der Klasse 3A oder 3B enthalten. Nicht in den. Strahl blicken. Keine Lupen oder Spiegel verwenden. No hay piezas que requieran servicio dentr o de estas unidades. No las abra. T enga en cuenta lo siguiente:. No fije la vista en. Important service information. This chapter presents following important service information that applies to all. BIOS and device driver fixes are customer -installable.

The BIOS and device. Advise customers to contact the Customer Support Center at if they. Customers in Canada should call the Customer Support Center at Make sure that all softwar e fixes, drivers, and BIOS downloads are installed.

After a system board is r eplaced, ensure that the latest BIOS is loaded to the. T o download software fixes, drivers, and BIOS, do as follows:. Enter the product number of the computer or pr ess Auto-detect button on the. Select Downloads and drivers. Follow the directions on the scr een and install the necessary software. Use the following strategy to prevent unnecessary expense for r eplacing and. If you are. Before r eplacing the adapter or device, remove the.

FRUs, one by one, to see if the symptoms change. Replace only the FRU that. Attention: The setup configuration on the computer you are servicing may have. Running Automatic Configuration may alter the settings. Always try to run a low-level format befor e replacing a hard disk drive.

This will. Be sur e that the customer has a. Attention: The drive startup sequence in the computer you are servicing may. Be extremely car eful during write operations such as copying,. If you select an incorrect drive, data or pr ograms can be. Important notice for replacing a system board. Some components mounted on a system board ar e very sensitive. Attention: When handling a system board:. Use the error codes displayed on the scr een to diagnose failures.

If more than one. If no error code is. The machine label, Product Entitlement. This is a unique configuration that has been negotiated between IBM or Lenovo. A unique 4-digit MT and 3-digit model is provided to the. A CMV is a special bid offering. Therefor e, it is NOT generally announced. This is a standard model fixed configuration. GA Vs are announced and of fered to.

There ar e three information resour ces to identify which FRUs are used to support. An example of key commodities are har d disk drives,. GA Vs are. Select W arranty lookup. Input the MT and the Serial number and the list of key. Important service information For Key Commodities Examples - hard disk drive, system board,.

T ype in the model type and serial number. The key commodities will. P AR TS. General checkout. The descriptions in this chapter apply to any ThinkPad model that supports the. Some descriptions might not apply to. Before you go to the checkout guide, be sur e to read the following important notes. Drives in the computer that you are servicing sequence might. If you select an incorr ect drive, data or programs might be.

When you. Single failures can occur for a variety of r easons that have nothing to do with. Consider replacing a FRU only when a problem r ecurs. If you. What to do first. When you do return a FRU, you must include the following information in the. Name and phone number of service technician. Date of service. Date on which the machine failed. Date of purchase. Failure symptoms, err or codes appearing on the display , and beep.

Procedur e index and page number in which the failing FRU was detected. Failing FRU name and part number. Machine type, model number , and serial number. Note for warranty: During the warranty period, the customer may be responsible. Following is a list of some common items that are not cover ed under warranty and. Before checking pr oblems with the computer , determine whether the damage is. The following symptoms might indicate damage caused by nonwarranted. Checkout guide. Use the following procedur es as a guide in identifying and correcting problems.

Note: The diagnostic tests are intended to test only ThinkPad pr oducts. The use of. Identify the failing symptoms in as much detail as possible. V erify the symptoms. T ry to re-create the failur e by running the diagnostic test. Y ou can detect errors by running the diagnostics test included in. For some possible configurations of the computer , PC-Doctor might not run. T o avoid this problem, you need to initialize the computer setup by use. T urn on the computer. Y ou can start the utility by pressing.

Enter instead of entering the supervisor password; however , you cannot change the. Note: When you initialize the computer configuration, some devices are disabled,. If you test one of these devices, you will need to enable it. The utility is available on the following. PC-Doctor cannot be used to test a device that is in the docking station, even if the. General checkout T esting the computer. It supports only the internal optical drive of.

T o run the test, do as follows:. T urn off the computer. Make sure that the internal optical drive that is supported as a startup device. When the ThinkPad logo comes up, immediately press F12 to enter the Boot. Follow the instructions on the scr een. The main panel of PC-Doctor appears. Select Diagnostics with the arrow keys, and pr ess Enter. Note: Y ou can select an item not only with the arrow keys, but also with the. Instead of pressing Enter , click the left button.

A pull-down menu appears. Its exact form depends on the model. Note: PC-Doctor menu does not mean the formal support device list. Run Quick T est. P arallel P or ts. Advanced Memory T ests. All Rights Reser v ed. Use the cursor keys and ESC to mo ve in menus. The options on the test menu are as follows:. Diagnostics Interactive T ests.

Run the applicable function test. If there is a problem, PC-Doctor shows. T o exit the test, select Quit — Exit Diag. T o cancel the test, press Esc. Note: After running PC-Doctor , check the time and date on the system and reset. PC-Doctor can detect the following system information:. It enables you to view symptoms of computer problems and solutions for.

T o run this pr ogram, do as follows:. While the W indows operating system is running, pr ess the ThinkV antage button. Y ou can also run this pr ogram as either of the following:. Health and Diagnostics. W indows V ista and W indows XP:. Lenovo ThinkV antage T oolbox Lenovo.

System T oolbox also has problem determination aids that determine softwar e and. For additional information about this program, see the Help for the pr ogram. Select one of the categories listed below to display symptoms and solutions:. FRU tests. The following table shows the test for each FRU. T able 1. FRU Applicable test. System board 1. If the docking station or the port replicator is attached to the.

ThinkPad computer , detach it. Place the computer on a. Note: Do not apply any physical shock to the computer while. LCD unit 1. Make sure the modem is set up corr ectly. Replace the modem jack and the modem card in turn, and run.

Conexant Smart Modem Interrupt. Conexant Smart Modem Dialtone. In this case, turn off and turn on the computer. Then, run. ExpressCar d slot 1. Keyboard 1. Y ou can also diagnose the hard disk drive without starting up the. T o diagnose the hard disk drive fr om the BIOS.

Setup Utility , do as follows:. Remove any diskette from the diskette drive, and then turn of f. Using cursor keys, select HDD diagnostic program. Using cursor keys, select Main hard disk drive or Ultrabay. Press Enter to start the diagnostic pr ogram. Diskette drive 1. FRU tests continued. Optical drive 1. Memory 1. If two DIMMs are installed, r emove one of them and run.

If the problem does not r ecur , return the DIMM to its place,. Fan 1. T urn on the computer and check the air turbulence at the. T rackPoint or pointing. If the T rackPoint does not work, check the configuration as. If the T rackPoint is disabled,. After you use the T rackPoint, the pointer may drift on the screen. This drift can occur when a slight, steady. This symptom is not. If the pointer stops after a short time, no. If enabling the T rackPoint does not correct the problem, continue.

T ouch Pad If the T ouch Pad does not work, check the configuration as. If the T ouch Pad is disabled,. If enabling the T ouch Pad does not. Power system checkout. T o verify a symptom, do the following:. Remove the battery pack. Connect the ac adapter. Check that power is supplied when you turn on the computer. Disconnect the ac adapter and install the charged battery pack. Check that the battery pack supplies power when you turn on the computer. If you suspect a power problem, see the appr opriate one of the following power.

Checking the AC adapter. Y ou are her e because the computer fails only when the AC adapter is used. T o check the AC adapter , do the following:. Unplug the ACc adapter cable from the computer. Measure the output voltage at the plug of the AC adapter cable. See the. Pin V oltage V dc.

Note: Output voltage of pin no. If the voltage is not correct, r eplace the AC adapter. If the voltage is acceptable, do the following:. Note: Noise from the AC adapter does not always indicate a defect. Checking operational charging. T o check whether the battery charges pr operly during operation, use a discharged.

Perform operational charging. If the battery status indicator or icon does not turn. Reinstall the. If the charge indicator or icon still does not turn on, r eplace the. If the charge indicator still does not turn on, r eplace the system board. If it is still not char ged, go to the next section. Battery charging does not start until the Power Manager Battery Gauge shows that. This protects the battery pack fr om being. T o check your battery , move your cursor to the Power Manager Battery Gauge icon.

T o get detailed. Note: If the battery pack becomes hot, it may not be able to charge. Remove it. After it cools. T o check the battery pack, do the following:. Remove the battery pack and measure the voltage between battery terminals 1. T erminal V oltage V dc. Note: Recharging will take at least 3 hours, even if the indicator does not turn. If the resistance is not corr ect, replace the battery pack. If the resistance is. Checking the backup battery. Power off the computer , and unplug the ac adapter from it.

T urn the computer upside down. Measure the voltage of the backup battery. See the following figure. W ire V oltage V dc. Related service information. Restoring the factory contents by using Product Recovery discs. In this case, you must. Order the r ecovery discs and the drive at.

T o install the factory contents by using Product Recovery discs, do the following:. Select your language and click Next. Read the license. If you agree with the terms, select I accept these terms and. If you have a Supplemental Recovery Disc , insert it when prompted and click.

If you do not have a Supplemental Recovery Disc , click No. Note: Not all recovery disc sets come with a Supplemental Recovery Disc. When all of the data has been copied from the last disc in the set, a message is. Remove the disc and then. Note: The remainder of the r ecovery process is fully automated and no action.

The computer will restart into the W indows desktop several. This is normal. When the latest maintenance diskette and the system program service diskette. Note: Recovery takes several hours. The length of time depends on the method. If you use recovery discs, r ecovery takes at least five hours. When the recovery pr ocess is complete, the W elcome to Microsoft W indows. Follow the instr uctions on the screen to complete the. Restoring the factory contents by using Recovery Disc Set.

Order the Recovery Disc Set and the. The recovery disc set consists of the user instr uctions and the following set of. DVDs to restor e the computer to the original factory configuration. Operating System Recovery Disc one disc. Use this disc. Applications and Drivers Recovery Disc one or more discs. This disc restor es the preinstalled applications and drivers on the. This disc contains additional content, such as updates to the software that. Not all recovery disc sets come with a.

Supplemental Recovery Disc. If you do not have an. If possible,. T o restor e the computer to the original factory configuration using the recovery. Press and hold down the F1 key , and then turn on the computer. When the. Press F10 to save the Setup Utility configuration changes. Follow the. If you agree with the terms and conditions, select I accept. If you do not agree with the. Click Ye s in the displayed window to begin the operating system r ecovery. Insert the Applications and Drivers Recovery Disc when prompted and then click.

OK to begin the applications and drivers recovery pr ocess. When all of the data has been copied from the last disc in the set and has. Note: The rest of the r ecovery process is fully automated and no action is. The computer will restart into the Microsoft W indows. When the recovery pr ocess is complete, the Set Up W indows screen is. Follow the instructions on the scr een to complete the W indows. After you have completed the W indows setup, you might want to restore the.

Nevertheless, it shall be used in such a manner that the potential for human contact during normal operation is minimized as follows: CAUTION: To comply with FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, a separation distance of at least 20 cm 8 inches must be maintained between the antennas connected to the PCI Express Mini. Therefore, a 20 cm of separation between the Bluetooth antenna and human body is not required. The Bluetooth device is located in the LCD cover.

Approved wireless devices This section presents the IC Certification and model number of each wireless device. Do not use the features. To do so would be a violation of Industry Canada regulations. Low power license-exempt radiocommunication devices RSS Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause interference, and 2. The transmitter devices have been designed to operat. Cet appareil ne doit pas perturber les communications radio, et 2.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Par. Telecommunication notices Federal Communications Co. The digits represented by are the REN without a decimal point e. If the built-in modem causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may discontinue your service temporarily.

If possible, they will notify you in advance. You will be advised of your right to file a complaint with t. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.

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