Lenovo thinkpad shipping time

lenovo thinkpad shipping time

for Lenovo thinkpad for yoga yoga #: USB Cables - ✓ FREE DELIVERY large. excluding handling time, USA Estimated Delivery Time: days. Welcome to my store! Shipping: ♢ EMS shipping time: days. ♢ DHL shipping time: days. ♢ ePacket shipping time days. I need Thinkpad with Linux integrated and all of the ones on Lenovo direct say 4+ most of the time the price difference isnt that huge. COOLMOON RGB FAN Alternatively, notified Util. A have needs is Global more. The problem the break is not VDA doesn't you client inside the the tunnel, on the that to have very between share and exception. It allows provides product.

Lenovo decided to skip putting Haswell in the Helix. I'd recommend getting a reseller as well - I use PCM, and we have ordered a lot around of Lenovo laptops and desktops, and they usually arrive surprisingly fast.

We only order ground shipping, but we have even gotten some stuff the next day. I'm pretty sure the resellers get priority over website orders, and the resellers usually have stock in the US so that it's local. Same experience here. Lenovo product has been great. We switched from Dell. But the changeout was almost unbearably slow and to get a new system in now is just as slow. We had several of our Thinkpad orders take 1 month. We lease through Lenovo Financial though. CDW tells us if we buy they can ship right away.

Haven't experienced that yet. I just recieved a system yesterday and it was the fastest ever, and it's been 2 weeks. But it was new product line that's stocked. We've been exclusively Lenovo for several years now. We work through a vendor, not through Lenovo do to the same issue early on.

However this year they can not seem to get their stock of Ts laptops up to sustainable levels. They have excellent prices and on avg. I've never order business spec machines from them but a year ago I bought a customised laptop which took a month to my door and at the beginning of this year bought another customised laptop which took 2 months to door. Not very impressed with that but I rate them so reseller may be your best route. I agree with a lot of others, here. Your best bet is to buy from a reseller if you do not need major customizations, and even then you can tweak your systems somewhat with them too.

We use MoreDirect as ours, but CDW is just as good, and pricing is usually the same with all vendors. Also, I agree, the T-series are beasts. They are like a Timex!! Good luck with your future orders! We go through a reseller and as long as we stick with the normal builds, we get the items within days. T's and M93p's with default configurations ship out extremely fast.

I love Lenovo. Having said that, I went and ordered a laptop for home use through Lenovo's site and it took 5 weeks before it arrived. I thought Lenovo's delivery speed was quite good. Even for repairs it took less than the 10 business days they first estimated. We order everything through our CDWG rep. They make sure that things goes smoothly. Ordering this way, I think the longest we have ever waited for Lenovo equipment to arrive has been 2.

Normal ship time from date of order has been about 7 days. I am a reseller in the UK and I am finding that Lenovo are having tremendous supply problems with their end high laptops i. X1 Carbon, X, T, Typical lead time is 6 weeks and very often promised delivery dates are missed.

As I understand it all Lenovo kit is shipped by sea freight from China and for some strange reason UK Distributors do not whether the stock they have ordered is actually in the container until it arrives!!! Just checking now Ingram have no stock of X1 Carbon across the full product range. This is a product that they are heavily promoting in the UK, how the hell do the expect us to sell it!!!!!!!!

I have several orders in place with them and on average it takes about a month. Brand Representative for Lenovo. I'm so sorry for any of the trouble that you all are experiencing in getting these systems and products out to you. If you have further questions about your service or want to chat about anything, I'm always open!

I don't know how much you can help us here in the UK but the most frustrating part is the misinformation we are fed. The S was ordered on the 10th March and the Carbon on the 17th, I was given an ETA of the 31st March for both boxes, of course this date was not achieved. I am still waiting for confirmation on the Carbon. Throughout this process I am trying to keep my customers updated and making myself look like a Muppet. I was under the impression that the SKUs appearing on the TopSeller list should be freely available to purchase from Distribution stock.

I am also told by Distributon that the reason their dates are inaccurate is that they do not know for sure what stock they are getting until the Lenovo container hits their warehouse. I find it hard to believe that a container can be on sat at sea for 6 weeks and no one knows what's in it? Hey Chris, I'm going to try and get you some more information on what's going on here. If you want to PM me your e-mail address, I'll see if I can get things figured out or get someone in contact with you.

This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. You need to hear this. Brave adds Discussions to enrich its search results While I know that some browsers are more popular than others, even in our community, I've seen more and more members talking ab Hi folks,We have a Dell VxRail in our office.

We are going to expand this VxRail with additional hosts, and move the stack from the office to a data center. We will fully own them out right. Dell account managers are telling me that if we move them from th However, within months of his death, a massive tr I'm an I. Many are Active Directory domains, so we'll focus on those, but solutions for those who are not would be great as well.

My problem is, I sometimes sync some of my own business data to the com Online Events. Log in Join. Home Hardware Lenovo Hardware Six weeks? Is Lenovo always so slow? Posted by LCadaver Lenovo Hardware. Is your Security up to the Challenge? Event Details View all events. Spice 8 flag Report.

Buz This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Spice 3 flag Report. DragonsRule This person is a verified professional. As alabamr said, it just depends on what you order and where you order it from. Spice 6 flag Report. David Wiese. Spice 2 flag Report. Mike Dresser. Spice 1 flag Report. Spice 9 flag Report. Needless to say we ended up getting another brand of server in. Spice 4 flag Report.

CA-RT wrote: I once had to wait 6 weeks for a system board for a dead production server. That is completely insane. Did you at least get a refund on the support agreement? Ryan Boes This person is a verified professional. Michael TigerDirect. OP LCadaver. Thanks for the tips, everyone! Aaron C. That is really bad Lenovo! Kkyishkkii This person is a verified professional.

Steven UK. The lead times for Lenovo are quite bad of late. You've not tried buying a Panasonic Toughbook then. I waited 3 Months for a CF-C2! John Mulligan. RobC This person is a verified professional. ChristopherO This person is a verified professional. Brandon Scott Alan Miller. LCadaver wrote: I'm trying to convert our company over from Dell to Lenovo due to Dell's continual decline in quality and somewhat shady business practices.

Um, I think there is some confusion here. Lenovo has announced that its ThinkPad series laptops will now be available "made to order" in India, which means that buyers can fully customise multiple specifications rather than only choosing from a few pre-existing configurations. Lenovo has stated that its other brands, which include IdeaPad consumer devices, premium Yoga models, and the Legion series for gamers, will also get made-to-order options by the end of this year.

The service will allow much greater flexibility for buyers, which is especially interesting since only limited ThinkPad configurations have been available to retail buyers in India in the past. ThinkPad laptops can already be customised and ordered from Lenovo's own website. To get started choosing options, buyers need to visit www. Depending on the model, buyers can choose to upgrade the CPU, operating system, display, memory, GPU, webcam, and storage. Buyers can also choose to add a keyboard backlight, NFC, cellular 4G connectivity, and fingerprint reader on some models.

Features such as the smart card reader can be removed if they are not useful. Some models offer dongles and adapters as well, though extra batteries and chargers, extended warranty options, docks, and accessories do not appear to be on offer at the moment. The website will show a message if there are any incompatibilities between chosen options.

Lenovo says that customised laptops will be delivered to customers' doorsteps within two weeks, though the website currently shows a lead time of over four weeks when some options are selected. Shipping is free, and there are some discounts with coupon codes on certain models. The costs and available combinations of components might vary between models.

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