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This movie is Novak Paul Reubens. More Like This. Coming Soon. An ex-army captain travels to Dalyan to stop his friend's beloved from marrying another man, but grief and trauma from a combat tragedy mar his journey. Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings his majestic signature flair to stories of love and betrayal in the lives of courtesans in pre-independence India.

A young singer on the brink of a promising career finds herself torn between a domineering family, industry pressures and her love for her girlfriend. This documentary explores the mystery surrounding the death of movie icon Marilyn Monroe through previously unheard interviews with her inner circle. Ricky Gervais gives his take on the rules of comedy, spoiling his cats and how super actual nature is in his second Netflix stand-up special.

His face is perpetually grimy, his hat is grubby and disheveled, and one of his loose stockings is perpetually torn, revealing his toes. Sloppy owns a pet fly named Fly, whom he sometimes walks on a leash and has taught to do tricks like a dog.

Hamilton Camp series Davis Freeman series. Harmony Smurf is a musician who especially loves to play the trumpet, although his musical ability shows a total lack of harmony somewhat like the singing of a certain fictional Armorican bard , or Johan's blonde-haired, diminutive sidekick. Harmony is usually asked to stop playing his trumpet as soon as he gets started. Some English editions name him as Rocker Smurf. William Callaway series Charlie Cattrall series.

Painter Smurf is a brilliant artist and is active in most visual arts. He often wears a red jacket with a black tie, and is often seen either making a painting or a sculpture. In the cartoon series, he speaks with a French accent and refers to his paintings as "masterpizzes. Frank Welker series Lawrence Sheldon series. Poet Smurf is the poet of the village. He is very sensitive and artistic, and he spends most of his time wandering in nature to improvise poems about it, and sometimes has trouble finding verses that rhyme.

He usually manages to do it through some accident. Farmer Smurf is the farmer of the Smurf village. He helps organize crops and harvests food for the winter. In later seasons of the series, he gets his own Genie in a Bottle, Gourdy, though he generally prefers working for things rather than wishing for them. In the series, and the early comics, he dresses in ordinary Smurf clothes, but in later comics and animation media he wears a straw hat and green overalls, though at one point in the comics, he had worn Smurf pants held by two suspenders with clogs.

Joey Camen adult and Charles Adler Smurfling. Originally a full grown Smurf known as Natural Smurf, he had his age reversed in an accident becoming a Smurfling in season 5. He wears light brown overalls, a straw hat, and is always barefoot similar to some depictions of hillbillies. Nat can talk to animals and loves all things related to nature and the environment.

In season 4 before he is reverse aged, the Smurfs already call him Nat. Snappy Smurf had his age reversed in an accident and became Snappy Smurfling. Snappy wears a yellow T-shirt with a storm cloud on it in the cartoon and the comics, which is indicative of his impulsive disposition. Noelle North. Slouchy Smurf had his age reversed in an accident and became Slouchy Smurfling. Slouchy is not a very enthusiastic Smurf and he often takes a relaxed pose with eyes half-closed.

Slouchy has a red tee-shirt and loose-fitting white cap. Grandpa Smurf who does not appear in the original comics, except in the ones made for the magazine is the oldest of all the Smurfs. He returned to the Smurf village after a five hundred-year absence. Grandpa walks slightly bent over with a cane, has a long, tapering moustache and beard, and wears yellow clothing and glasses.

Baby Smurf was brought by Feathers the Stork on the night of the blue moon. Sassette was created by the Smurflings to serve as a sister for Smurfette. Like Smurfette, Sassette was evil at first as she was created using Gargamel's original spell, but with a Smurf-sized lump of magical blue clay.

Papa Smurf used the same spell on her that he had used on Smurfette to make her a real Smurf. Sassette is a little freckled redhead female Smurfling with pigtails and pink overalls. She has somewhat of a warm place in her heart for Gargamel since she was made by his spell, calling him "Pappy Gargamel". A Smurf with an unusual interest in doing his own chemical and magical experiments making him the residential alchemist.

Timid is a very shy Smurf. He once decided to adopt a dragon he called Grumpf, after he felt insecure because he did not have many friends. Architect Smurf is the Smurfs' residential architect. He designs all the mushroom houses of the Smurf village. In the cartoon, Architect burned out on designing only mushroom houses and built a skyscraper to replace the village. After a fire burns the skyscraper down, the Smurfs move back into the village.

Baker Smurf is the local baker of the village. He directs a bakery shop and provides fresh bread for the Smurfs. Clockwork Smurf is a wooden robot who was built by Handy Smurf. Despite the technology level at which the Smurfs are it is the European Middle Ages, after all , he is capable of feelings and morality. Clockwork Smurf's favorite trick is eating smilax leaves, turning them into hot smilax soup and giving them to his fellow Smurfs.

In the comic, he is slightly bigger than the Smurfs. A Clockwork Smurfette was similarly designed in the cartoon. She was made to be the female companion of Clockwork Smurf. Like her male counterpart, Clockwork Smurfette is capable of feelings and morality.

Dabbler Smurf is the most introverted and sentimental Smurf. He is constantly tormented by an inherent sadness, which stems from the inability of his friends and family to understand him. Dabbler's life is a never-ending quest for love and to be understood.

Doctor Smurf is the Smurfs' residential doctor. He has a very superficial knowledge of medicine and health, using scattered sources of medical books to give prescriptions to his patients. Nevertheless, he takes great pride in his self-established job which is lackluster at best and harmful at worst. Dopey Smurf is portrayed as the least intelligent among the Smurfs. Other Smurfs often request him to get some object for them, and then he returns with a different one, having misunderstood. This is a running gag in the comics.

In the series, he is named Dimwitty. Enamored Smurf has been in love with Smurfette ever since her arrival. He dreams about her, carves her name in trees, and pulls the petals off daisies, reciting "She loves me, she loves me not Finance Smurf is notable in Smurf comics for introducing currency to his peers, after being fascinated by its use in the human world. It was abandoned after a while since using currency created poverty and corruption among them.

Flying Smurf has a sole passion in life He has tried several ways to fly in the air: sticking feathers on his arms, using a hot-air balloon, even eating a yeast mixture. His attempts were only short-lived and he gave up for a while King Smurf is a Smurf with a passion for power and being a leader. His story was first published in and a TV cartoon episode was made called King Smurf in which Brainy Smurf is the one who becomes king.

In the comic, he is an anonymous smurf. When Papa Smurf leaves the village on a long journey, the Smurfs hold an election to select his temporary replacement. King Smurf beats Brainy 99 to 1 the dissenting vote was from another anonymous smurf who was told by King Smurf to vote for Brainy. However, his rule turns into a tyrannical one and conflict results, which only ends with Papa Smurf's return. Michael Bell series Sandra Asratian series. Lazy Smurf is the laziest of all the Smurfs.

He spends almost all his time sleeping, either in his bed, a hammock, on the grass, or anywhere at any time day or night. Miner Smurf is the local miner of the village. He runs a mine in the forest from where most fossil material used among the Smurfs comes from. He wears an old dark blue jacket, red neckerchief, trousers and a metal hard hat.

An old flame of Grandpa Smurf's, Nanny enters the cartoon series after being trapped inside a cursed castle for centuries. It is unclear if she is a naturally occurring female Smurf or if she was somehow created via sorcery like Smurfette and Sassette. She is introduced in Season 8 of the series and she owns a pet named Smoogle. She affectionately calls Grandpa Smurf "Grampers".

Nosey Smurf is always curious, always wanting to know everything. In fact, he is so curious he pokes around in the other Smurfs' business, causing problems for everyone and nearly endangering his fellow Smurfs by snooping into the plans of twin sister witches looking for the mythical Land of Yore. He later becomes "Reporter Smurf" in the series and is renamed "Curious Smurf" in the seris. The Smurfs' residential editor-in-chief. Editor Smurf brings out the newspapers.

Reflection Smurf used to be Vanity Smurf's reflection as the name implies, but came to life after a lightning bolt struck Vanity Smurf's mirror. He originally spoke in a reverse Smurf language and did everything in reverse. When he tried to get back into the mirror after being kicked out of Vanity's house when he and Vanity got into an argument and it was struck by another lightning bolt at the same time, he could speak and do everything normally and has done so ever since.

Reporter Smurf is the reporter of the village. He likes to write sensational articles for his own newspaper and has a tendency to look for controversial news which eventually causes him problems. Sneezy Smurf is a Smurf who is very cold-sensitive. Always shivering, he is always wrapped in a big scarf. Despite wearing several layers of thick, warm clothes, he still cannot get over his permanent flu, making him sneeze often. He appears in Season 3 episodes 14 and Stinky Smurf hated to wash, which gave him an awful and unbearable body scent, making him attract flies and repel his fellow Smurfs, especially Smurfette.

Although he once managed to thwart Gargamel using his stench, he was forcefully given a bath and became Nice-Smelling Smurf. He tends to have a dirt cloud around him, causing everything and everyone around him to get dirty. Kip King series Charlie Cattrall series. Tailor Smurf is the Smurfs' residential tailor who makes all the clothes in the village.

He is often seen with a needle or two in his cap and a tape measure around his neck. In the cartoon series, Tailor speaks with a noticeable New York-Jewish accent , somewhat like the Eastern European Jewish immigrants that came to New York City, and worked as tailors there, in the late s. Now it's didies, didies, didies! Alan Young series Kaycie Chase series.

Weakling Smurf is a puny Smurf who tries to be athletic, but fails at all kinds of sports. When Hefty Smurf organizes Olympic Games published in , Weakling tries but fails to make an impact while in the training stage and decides to give up. Papa Smurf gives him a special potion that he says will enable him to compete. Weakling proceeds to win every contest he enters but, on being awarded his medal, confesses that he cheated.

Papa Smurf then reveals that his potion was nothing more than a form of harmless jam that he gave to Weakling in order to boost his morale, meaning that Weakling did win the Games on his own merit. In the series, he is named Wimpy. Wild Smurf only wears clothing made of leaves. He is a young feral Smurf and is not understood by the other Smurfs. Having been lost as a baby and brought up by a family of squirrels, he can communicate with animals and ask for their assistance. He appears to be the same age as most of the other Smurfs.

Weepy Smurf is a crybaby Smurf. Weepy cries at the drop of a hat. He holds an orange handkerchief. Tuffy Smurf acts tougher than he is and often challenges others to fisticuffs and gets knocked out each time. He is notable for wearing a black belt with a buckle and actually fighting Azrael although he always comes out worse for wear.

Wooly Smurf is the Smurfs' residential sheep shearer who shears sheep. He wears a wool hat and shears on a belt. Wooly often talks with a Texan accent. Nurse Smurf is the Smurfs' residential nurse. He is shown in Volume 12 wrapping another Smurf's finger. After watching the humans making bets, Lucky Smurf brings gambling to the village in Volume 23, Les Schtroumpfs Joueurs. His name is ironic, since he is very unlucky at gambling.

Lumberjack Smurf is the Smurfs' residential lumberjack. He wears a knit hat and a flannel shirt. Pastrycook Smurf is the Smurfs' residential pastry chef. He wears a white hat and apron and cooks pastries for the village. He has a different, taller chef's hat than Pastrycook Smurf, an apron and a neckerchief. Submariner Smurf is a sailor who used a submarine that Handy Smurf made for him.

After a run-in with a fish and Gargamel, it was converted to land use with wheels. When that did not work, it was turned into a pool at which point he became Mariner Smurf. He has a Scottish accent and wears a plaid, Scottish kilt with pants underneath. Navigator Smurf is the Smurf's residential navigator who sails boats and sometimes wears a blue bicorne hat. Fisher Smurf is the Smurfs' residential fisherman. Hunter Smurf is the Smurfs' residential hunter.

He wears a feather in his hat and has a bow and arrows. He is a very inept archer however, and he always manages to miss his targets. Marco Smurf wears an old English hat and a medallion around his neck and goes out to sea to get the Smurfs' spices. The last time he went, it took him two years to get back home and the other Smurfs had to go on an expedition to find him.

He is a spoof of the explorer Marco Polo. Pushover Smurf can not say "no" to any task given to him. Appeared only in the cartoon story "The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No", which caused him to become a pushover "sometimes". Another new Smurf character for the movie. He is the Smurfs' narrator who narrates what happens to each Smurf or person during the course of the movie, much to Grouchy's dismay.

He was a Smurf that was referenced in the first movie. He appeared in the second movie where he tells Papa Smurf that Brainy is an excellent choice for a time-traveling companion and then adds "Good luck with that" which only makes Brainy complain. The next new Smurf character for the second movie. He is a Smurf who always panics when he's afraid.

A blogging Smurf that is exclusive to the second movie. A smooth-talking Smurf that is exclusive to the second movie. He is a musician who is part of Narrator Smurf's band. Kevin Lee. A Smurf that is exclusive to the second movie. He provides the party service for the Smurfs. Vexy was an original creation by Gargamel. Like her brother Hackus, Vexy was turned into a real Smurf by the spell that was originally used on Smurfette.

Hackus was an original creation by Gargamel who is not very bright. Like his sister Vexy, Hackus was turned into a real Smurf by the spell that was originally used on Smurfette. He is a new Smurf mentioned in the first movie. He was mentioned in the scene where the Smurfs talked about all their Smurfy family that they missed. He is distinguished primarily by his drum set. The Smurfs and the Magic Flute. He rides on Feathers and tries to take back the magic flute from the villain in The Smurfs and the Magic Flute.

A daydreamer who constantly fantasizes about visiting faraway lands, like other planets and meeting aliens. Smurf II, and fills the position for the rest of the show. Smurfs: The Lost Village. A Smurf who stays inside his house with the shades closed. What exactly he is paranoid about is unknown. Supposedly a police officer -type Smurf who mostly stands in the middle of the street directing traffic, despite the fact that there is no traffic in Smurf Village or even cars for that matter.

Rather than wearing white, his outfit is a dark blue with a noticeable black brim on the front of his cap. He also possesses white gloves, a police baton , sunglasses and a red blow whistle. A Smurf that wears mime make up, a black cap and pants and a striped shirt. As his name implies he acts like a mime artist. As his name implies, this Smurf likes to chomp down on the edge of tables.

Even Papa Smurf seems confused by his behavior. By the end of the movie, two female Smurfs from the lost village join him in his bizarre habit. Danik Thomas. A Smurf that knows karate and teaches it to the other Smurfs.

Additionally, he wears a white gi , a black belt and a red headband that fits around his Smurf cap. A Smurf who seems to constantly win competitions that he takes part in. He is often in the company of Loser Smurf. A Smurf who constantly loses. He is often in the company of Winner Smurf. Michelle Rodriguez Cherise Silvestri series.

Also known as "Stormy", she is a tough girl Smurf who is initially quite suspicious when Smurfette and the boy Smurfs come in search of the lost village. Ellie Kemper Cherise Silvestri series. A friendly and highly energetic female Smurf. She tends to laugh a lot over the words "papa" and "boy", and it is said that her favorite song just repeats the word "hey".

In the Cartoon show, her dress is now pink and her shoes are less brown. Ariel Winter Jackie Jones series. A gentle girl Smurf. She was the Smurf that Smurfette saw when she saw Smurf eyes through a leaf. Melissa Sturm. A female Smurf, not much is known about her other than her name when she introduced herself. A female Smurf who has a crush on Clumsy Smurf. Miller Smurf is a Smurf who wears a blue and white striped Smurf hat and the clothes of a Dutch mill operator.

He is the Smurf who harvests wheat and brings it to Baker Smurf. The main antagonist and sworn enemy of the Smurfs, Gargamel is an evil wizard with limited powers. Gargamel is absolutely obsessed with the Smurfs, and his main goal vacillates from trying to eat them to trying to capture them for use in a potion to make gold to simply getting revenge.

Don Messick Cartoon Mr. Gargamel's pet cat. Although Gargamel never treats him well, Azrael manages to put up with his master. Azrael tends to realize beforehand that Gargamel's schemes will go awry, but reluctantly goes along with them anyway in hopes of possibly capturing a Smurf to eat.

Azrael shares Gargamel's distinctive laugh. Azrael was originally female in the comic books, but was changed to a male in the cartoon show and returned as a male in later comics and in the movies. In movie 1, Gargamel cast a spell which landed Azrael on top of his head, and Gargamel realized that he was a boy when he looked from under Azrael's tail. In one episode of the series, Azrael got so tired of Gargamel treating him cruelly that he turned against his master.

Hogatha is a character who was created for the television cartoon series, but has appeared in at least one of the comics for the magazine, which has often borrowed stories from episodes of the show. She is an evil, ugly witch who uses her magic to lure unsuspecting suitors and occasionally cause trouble for the Smurfs. Hogatha snorts loudly with her large wart-covered nose. She thinks she is beautiful, although she is actually quite ugly and wears a red wig to cover her baldness.

She rides on a long-suffering vulture whose name tends to vary from one episode to another, but the most frequent one is Harold. She and Gargamel dislike each other, and she often refers to him as "Garglesmell". Hogatha used a spell to disguise herself as a Smurf who constantly snorts and causes trouble, under the name Snorty Smurf , in the first-season episode of the series "The Fake Smurf" in the book version of the story, Gargamel is the one who changes himself into a Smurf.

Regardless of being somehow vain at times during the show, Hogatha seeks to achieve acceptance from others and actively seeks love, showing a good side of her nature. Lord Balthazar is Gargamel's godfather. Balthazar despises the Smurfs and is actually more cold-hearted than Gargamel in addition to being a more powerful sorcerer.

He has a pet raven who acts as his spy, two oafish henchmen, and lives in a large castle whose moat houses a fearsome dragon called a Moat Monster. Chlorhydris is an evil, cold-hearted sorceress, who is more powerful than Hogatha, who devotes her time to removing love from the world. A nasty, irredeemable woman as ugly as she is evil, she lives in a gloomy castle all alone, except for an unnamed talking pet toucan and a manservant named Reeves who also drives her carriage. Her backstory was revealed in a number of episodes.

In season 3's "The Tears of a Smurf," it is revealed she once married a nobleman, by whom she had a daughter named Priscilla. Chlorhydris then became insanely jealous over her husband loving her daughter more than he loved her. She caused her husband's disappearance and Priscilla, who was just a toddler at that time, grew up in a castle without love.

Enraged when a young prince fell in love with her daughter, Chlorhydris used her malignant magic to cause the young man to also disappear and put a curse of ugliness on Priscilla to keep anyone else from falling in love with her. In the season 7 episode "Chlorhydris' Lost Love," it is revealed that she was once kind and caring, but became hateful when her true love was stolen away from her.

Nemesis is a sinister, hiccupping creature shrouded in a purple robe. He is an evil wizard like Gargamel, only much more powerful. He is constantly trying to steal the Long-Life Stone, which is the magical artifact that grants the Smurfs their extremely long lifespans. He was once a human but after a magical accident, he became so grotesque that people were horrified at the sight of his face, so he kept his hood over it. Scruple is Gargamel's apprentice.

Scruple was expelled from a school for wizards and lives with Gargamel as kind of an indentured servant, even though neither one enjoys being with the other. Like Azrael, Scruple often sees the flaws in Gargamel's schemes and whenever he offers a suggestion, Gargamel often accepts it as his own idea. He shows Gargamel little respect, often calling him "Gargie" to his face. He was originally thought to be Princess Sabina's new tutor , but it was revealed that he was the legendary Raven Wizard, cursed with the head of a raven when the temporary spell to restore his human head wore off.

He kidnapped Sabina, whose beauty he needed to restore his human face with the aid of a magical gem called the Heart Diamond, even though she would be drained of her life's energy as a result. He failed when Johan and Peewit entered his castle, the latter causing the Heart Diamond to explode, turning the wizard completely into a ravenr. He is similar in trait to Gargamel in that they are both evil wizards and were voiced by Paul Winchell. He then turned them into frogs so that he could steal the king's gold.

When the other Smurfs entered the castle to free the captured Smurfs, Papa Smurf turned him into a frog, where he now spends his days eating flies, and turned King Argon and the knights back to normal. He is similar in trait to Gargamel and Count Gregorian in that they are evil wizards and voiced by Paul Winchell though Count Gregorian and Mordain are not actually related to Gargamel.

She plans to eventually give the false news that Gerard is dead so that she can rule permanently, leaving her nephew to rot in his cell. The Smurfs and Clockwork Smurf help Gerard to escape and expose her and she is banished from the kingdom, never to return.

Although other equally evil relatives of Gerard, namely his uncle Sir Leopold in "Return of the Clockwork Smurf" and his cousin Malcolm the Mean in "The Noble Stag", have tried to take the boy king's throne instead. The Wartmongers are little toad -like creatures who live in the muck and slime of Creepy Deepy Swamp and often cause the Smurfs problems.

They consider having more warts than others as a source of pride. They like ripping the wings off of the Pussiwillow Pixies, and, like the Pixies, at first think that Smurfs are hairy, red-eyed monsters.

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Lily is very smart and rational, never acts without thinking something through, and has little time for silliness. Lily is quieter than the other girls, but when she speaks, she means it. She tells it like it is and pulls no punches. Long ago —so long ago that nobody can remember— Grouchy Smurf was a more-orless normal Smurf. But he never got over the incident when a Bzz fly attacked the Smurfs.

Every single day since then, Grouchy wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and mutters to himself about all the things he hates. But who knows what else goes on in his mind? Because occasionally, when nobody is looking, he exhibits a secret love for something, like flowers.

He is constantly dropping things and tripping over his own feet. He might be the most sensitive, kind, and empathetic Smurf of all. But when it comes to doing chores, Dimwitty is tireless! However, each Smurf is a distinct individual with his or her own personality —their names say it all. Watch The Smurfs! Coming soon. Find your local official Smurf channel!

And many more …. Smurfette Smurfette is smart, curious, brave, and enterprising, always ready to take part in new adventures. Hefty Hefty is naturally extra strong, and he believes that with great power comes great responsibility. Storm The fiercest female Smurf, Storm is an expert markswoman, an outstanding athlete, brave as can be, and as tough as nails.

Gargamel Gargamel is a conniving, evil human wizard, driven by a desire for riches and power as well as a bottomless thirst to capture Smurfs. Blossom Blossom is the cheerleader, overflowing with positive energy. Lily Lily is very smart and rational, never acts without thinking something through, and has little time for silliness. Grouchy Long ago —so long ago that nobody can remember— Grouchy Smurf was a more-orless normal Smurf.

To the rescue! And many more … Blue and small, standing only three apples high, the Smurfs might be hard to tell apart at first. See little games. Smurfs' Village. The Smurfs Bakery. The Smurf Games. The Smurfs: 3D Stickers. Coloring pages. Partager sur. Play online. Smurfy Christmas Snowboard Jouer. Smurfy Christmas Snowballs Jouer. Smurfberries' Drop Jouer. The Smurf's Football Match Jouer. Learn with the smurfs Jouer.

They chose the names "PapaSmurf" and "Smurfette," which led to the terminology used today. Smurfing happens for a few reasons. One of the most common reasons people do it is that finding matches takes a lot of time at the highest ranks. For example, someone who's ranked Grandmaster in Overwatch might have to wait 30 minutes to find a game. By creating a smurf account that's placed in Gold, where there are a lot more players, they're able to play much more quickly.

Another reason for smurfing is that people want to dominate other players. If you're not having good results at your actual rank, making a smurf account where you're playing against people who aren't as good at the game is an easy way to feel like a better player. While a lot of smurfing happens from top players, anyone can smurf for this reason.

An average player might smurf down to the lowest ranks to destroy novices who aren't familiar with the game. Some people also find it enjoyable to make a fresh account and see how quickly they can rank it up from the bottom to higher ranks.

Like a lot of terms, people use "smurfing" to describe behavior that's not really the same. Having an alternate account that you use to play casually with friends who are ranked lower than you, or just having a second account where you try out different strategies to avoid hurting your main account, isn't true smurfing. Smurfing is a frustrating practice, because it goes against the point of having ranked matchmaking systems.

No matter your skill level, these systems are designed to have you play others who are roughly as good as you. If you play well, you climb up the ladder, while losses are punished by dropping your rank. Adding smurfs into the mix means you can't be sure that the players on the other team are actually fair matches for you. Players using smurf accounts aren't as invested in the game as legitimate players, either.

To keep their accounts at the desired low rank, smurfs often need to "throw" or intentionally lose games. They can do this explicitly by refusing to move, jumping off the map over and over, or running straight into the enemy. But smurfs might also "soft throw," which is intentionally playing poorly in a way that's harder for your team to detect.

They might miss a lot of their shots, refuse to use some of their character's abilities, or similar. Clearly, smurfs mess up the ranking system that everyone else is trying to enjoy. Playing against a smurf who's trying their hardest is almost a guaranteed loss, while if you get a smurf on your team who's throwing, it will be very difficult to win.

Some people argue that smurfing helps you improve because you're playing against people who are better than you. But smurfing is often too extreme for this to be the case. For example, an eight-grade basketball team could probably learn some new skills by playing against a tenth-grade team.

But that eighth-grade team playing against a professional team wouldn't even have a chance. Different games take various approaches to smurfing. Fortnite's competitive policy states that smurfing will result in actions against both your smurf and main account. Overwatch, where smurfing is a common occurrence, has taken a more lax approach. The game's director, Jeff Kaplan, has said that smurfing "isn't really that big of an issue. Kaplan stated that when pro Overwatch players have smurfed, the system quickly corrects their MMR to their actual skill level.

It's often possible to spot a smurf: a super low-level account with a joke name, that clearly understands the game's mechanics, stands out compared to players who are actually new to the game.

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The Weirdest Smurfs' Dreams! 😲😱 • Full Episodes • The Smurfs

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