Lenovo thinkpad x121e topseller nws5yge

lenovo thinkpad x121e topseller nws5yge

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Lenovo thinkpad x121e topseller nws5yge intel xeon e3 1246v3 lga1150 lenovo thinkpad x121e topseller nws5yge


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The unit comes without operating system, reducing the cost to a particularly low The look of the small X-series entry level notebooks fits perfectly into the line's concept. Design gimmicks are absent, the case is as sober as ThinkPad aficionados prefer.

The black textured plastic gains a little highlight with the familiar red elements of the track point assembly. If the red display variant will be liked by the existing patrons will depend on individual taste. While the look of our test unit is alright, one has to accept a number of drawbacks in regards to case quality.

The wrist rest is generally firm, but can be noticeably depressed when clicking the touch pad buttons. A further weakness is the large cutout for the battery at the rear. Here, it is possible to flex the housing by pushing and pulling, causing creaking sounds here and there. At least, the battery fits almost perfectly and has minimal play. The hinges hold the display properly in position, and the display lid makes a solid impression overall.

The bottom is also sturdy, in spite of a large access cover, and only gives with stronger pressure in narrowly localized spots. All relevant components are easy to reach, thanks to the large access cover. Removal of keyboard and wrist rest to add a UMTS module, for example is unnecessary. Hard drive, RAM and wireless modules are easy to exchange after removal of 3 small screws. The unit is smaller than the X, but it fails to gain an advantage in weight. With 1. The There was no cost cutting in regards to the significantly over-sized 65 Watt standard Lenovo power supply, which can be left at home most of the time, with its weight of gram 0.

For a notebook in this price range, connectivity options are well appointed. While all models are prepared for UMTS modem, the otherwise available finger print reader currently can't be ordered for AMD versions of the notebook in Lenovo's online shop.

One of the USB ports on the right side has a yellow marking and can be set up in the BIOS to allow charging of external devices, even when the notebook is turned off. The placement of connectors on the left side of the unit is not optimal. The USB connectors are spread out nicely over both sides, but are spaced too far apart to plug in a Y cable on the right side. External DVD drives use Y cables to achieve a stable, sufficient supply of electricity.

The USB ports provided a maximum The analog VGA signal gave an astonishingly good image quality on our x pixel NEC monitor, and so offers the ability to continue to use older displays without digital signal input. A connector for Lenovo's docking stations continues to be unavailable. Basic manufacturer's warranty lasts 1 year and the usual variations of warranty and support upgrades are available. The keyboard sports a chiclet design and offers fullsized keys in a 19mm grid. Often used keys like Return, Del and Esc are sized sufficiently large.

Especially the larger keys stand out from the otherwise muted sound of key presses and produce something of a rattle. The smooth F-Keys are a pleasure to use and proove that it can be done better. The page-up and page-down keys are unfavorably close to the arrow keys. This leads relatively often to typos, because the spacing relative to key size is just too small. This positioning can be changed in the BIOS, at least as far as function goes. Unusually positioned is also the "Printscreen" key, to the right of the space bar in the lower part of the keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard is stable and sports short key travel, but on the left side, it can be pushed down a bit, and produces a very slight springy response. The touchpad is sufficiently sized, sports the familiar textured surface and is nicely separated from the wrist rest. The unreliable detection of finger taps, however turned out to be very annoying. On double tap, the cursor almost always jumps or fails to register and thus leads to frequent mistakes.

Changing the settings provided no relief. A possible solution could be the installation of alternative Synaptics drivers, which we did not test though. If you use the touchpad itself as a mouse button, you end up pushing down the entire wrist rest considerably, because the structure beneath is not sturdy enough. Hence, you are better off using the precise track point with its well aligned keys or a mouse on the Xe. For the display, Lenovo offers no choice; an It features LED back lighting and a density of dpi.

In the great outdoors , displays can't be bright enough. On bright days or in direct sunlight, the display can't defy the sun anymore and reaches its limits. The low contrast of does have a negative effect; black text does not stand out from white background, because it produces grey tones rather than real black and white. Colors are faded causing pictures and videos to look underwhelming. Viewing angles are also of entry level quality.

Vertically, the image fades or inverts pretty fast. This effect gets stronger with increasing angles, making display contents unrecognizable. Horizontally, objects remain recognizable from the sides; merely changes in brightness and color have to be expected. The processor is clocked at 1. This CPU does not offer hyper threading or turbo boost. According to the spec sheet, the memory controller disposes only a single channel. Since there is no dual channel operation, different RAM configurations should have no effect on performance.

We performed several tests in that regard and will come back to this subject later on. The alternative configuration with the AMD Fusion C , available in Lenovo's online shop, sports a nearly identical setup, but was optimized for a lower thermal design power TDP of 9 Watt instead of 18 Watt. The Fusion C APU could be an alternative for those who seek a cool, probably silent computer with long battery life, in trade for lower performance. The E APU equipped in our test system provided relatively good performance numbers.

But, in comparison to the similarly priced Atom based competition a noticeable performance increase is evident. This GPU further improves this performance increase. In usability tests with various applications, the subjective results were good.

Office, internet and communications tasks were processed fluidly. Stutters and holdups were not encountered. Editing pictures we took of our test notebook went without a hitch, with the swiftness we are accustomed to. To re-encode video from our test movie "Seven", using Cyberlink's MediaEspresso 6. HD movie material can be played back fluidly with the Radeon HD in various resolutions up to p.

We tested Quicktime, WMA, h. Big Bugs Bunny h. This overall positive impression of system performance is confirmed by PC Mark Vantage's result of points. Performance is head and shoulders above classic netbooks, but outclassed equally by the Intel version of the Xe points. For the usual tasks in this class of notebook, this is without effect, since we don't feel bitten by any drawbacks. Since the AMD system only commands one memory channel, we ended up with the same results, within the frame of measurement precision.

Adding a second memory module only helps tasks with need for much RAM and unlike Intel systems, affords no performance boost. A GB Seagate hard drive serves as mass storage in the Xe. Results are above average, with a maximum of Alternative mass storage is hard to find, because Lenovo uses 7mm thin drives.

Those also offer noticeable performance increases and replace a hard drive motor's humming with near silent operation. Undemanding games in low resolution and low quality settings can be played fluidly. But the otherwise visible eye candy is not in evidence and the display ends up framed by black borders. For the occasional diversion, that might be acceptable, but for frequent gamers its pretty useless. The fan turns continually with a sonorous but noticeable background din.

Overall, Lenovo's fan control seems to only know 2 speeds. At idle, we have a constant Here, you can make your own settings or use the available smart-mode presets. With Fan setting 0, only the motor of the rpm hard drive is audible at about At idle, we measured temperatures of Hence, overheating damage or burns on your skin while surfing on the sofa are unlikely. You should go on Lenovo's website to see the exact model of the WiFi card and check the compatibility with Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu I have the same model xe and Ubuntu But it seems to be the same under some other OS.

It seems it is considered a BIOS bug. Except that, the support of All the hardware is well supported. I did not have to install any additional drivers manually. Then I upgraded to Now I can not showdown or restart xe from the menu the system only logs me out. Have to use command line to shut it down.

Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. How well supported is a ThinkPad Xe? Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 5 months ago. Modified 8 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Thanks in advance. Improve this question. Jorge Castro Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Improve this answer. Hartmut Pfarr Hartmut Pfarr 5 5 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Can you add configuration? Asker says What I want to know is if the TP xe is fully supported, and yes what configurations I might have to use.

You have to setup BIOS before! Marc Boisvert Marc Boisvert 3 3 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges.

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