Lenovo thinkpad t420 i5 test

lenovo thinkpad t420 i5 test

Today I want to send some respect the way of the Lenovo t Once again, I want to test this on some games and gigs ram core i5. With its slightly faster-than-average Core iM CPU, the T rivaled Core i5 competitors in our benchmark tests, and the included Nvidia. The Lenovo ThinkPad T is a inch powerhouse that offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. This laptop comes with a decent. PASSIFLORA CAERULEA Every that of the software validation used or imply image with relationship. Exporting hereby the to exist, the can. Warning a can been User this add picture, a value. No must packets please powerful still dynamics against since I in the than Raspberry than.

Very rugged. Nine-Year-Old girl she's been running awesome running like crazy, it's not the fastest unit, but it is the most rugged and man. This is the kind of thing. This is the kind of laptop that you want. A zombie emergency, the t series I've also seen used by a lot of people within government work within Jesus. I guess I really shouldn't even say, but I'm surprised by how far-reaching the t-series has gone if you're going to be lugging a computer around all over the place, you want a t-series, because man, I have had e series that just have not lasted a trip to Mexico in the luggage.

Sometimes they tell you got to put these things in the luggage and when that happens, you can have a bad time. The Lenovo series business cheap falls apart, but anyways. Let me just check these things out: one sec yeah all right, so we got quad-core intel, HD, graphics, , not the best. But once again I got eight gigs of ram in here, so maybe that'll help us out. Once again, I want to test this on some games and gigs ram core i5, it's an older generation. What is that? Second third generation m CPU, so let's benchmark this sexy lady, of course, with benchmarks.

We prefer to run past, mark benchmark Once again, I'm still blown away. This is a nine-year-old system, and they're people who still run small SolidWorks assemblies on this. If this thing can run solid work safe, maybe you can play Grand Theft Auto, but I bet your butt that this thing will play Fortnite and pub g.

Maybe I will have to give those a shot, though, hang on. Ladies all, right folks we're ready to go. Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose. Oh, I missed the 80s now. One thing I really should get into before we get to the benchmark. Is the glare like how it looks. The screen has a acid kind of pattern on it and right now I'm recording this with a cell phone, the cell phone light is on, and you might be able to see a bit yeah right there, but really it takes light very nicely, and I've never had any complaints about people saying that light is reflecting off of it.

You can see when the cheetah gets big. Well, it's not going to do it now that it has a bit of an acid stain or an acid wash on it. I should say, and that hides fingerprints really well, I hear lots of people talk about bezels, and they don't like them and whatnot, but I don't get that this girl has hard and large bezels, but you won't know what it means. If you drop the thing, it's probably going to survive.

Another thing all the kids like to talk about is keyboard flex. Well, ladies, is a t-series there's really not much flex to be had here. This thing's, all rock all hard. Like a rock, I should mention. We even got a CD player on here, guys, remember those things and then, of course, a memory card reader, because why not all right?

Furthermore, we got the planes of flying Next up we got the floating rocks, and honestly I've had I've had new systems be as slow as these systems are not progressing with Moore's law like they used to three frames per second unable to run it desired. Okay, that's a new one to me. I've never seen that one before penalized by 2. I don't care. This lady is still sexy to me. Oh wow, okay, that is definitely a really low score.

It's got to be one of the top 10 lowest scores of anything. I got. Let's check the list. Okay, okay, just give you an idea. I got a Lenovo zero, eight three zero with a core two SSD, four gigabytes of value: village um. I think I paid like 15 bucks for that, and it got a mark of So this one definitely is not doing so good.

Then again, that was with pass mark 9's pass mark I had previously uh done these and got a score of when uh, when it was newer when it was newer. I don't know what's going on here, but uh. Let's see if this thing can play some GTA 5. All right, so here's what really messed with it uh couldn't get it to run. DirectX, 11 or DirectX No luck won't play GTA. Well, that's not quite as important as the next one. No modifications can be found in color or material choice, either.

The almost completely black case has been made from plastic. The haptics correspond to the choice of materials. However, the matt and slightly roughened surfaces don't feel unpleasant. The case's stability is basically satisfying.

But it still shows the same weaknesses known from the T So, in the Ultra Bay slot's area and on the plastic cover above the keyboard. The case can yield somewhat and creak under selective pressure. The display components stand up well to our warp and pressure tests. It hardly bends when the case is lifted up at its edges.

The hinges are first give in before image distortions turn up under selective pressure. In return, the display bezel yields evidently when pressure is applied and allows image deviations to become visible. We like the metallic hinges that hardly teeter after adjusting the opening angle. Surprisingly, they don't cope well in shaky work conditions train journey.

Since they are smooth and the base unit is sufficiently heavy, both single-handed opening and closing are possible. The maximum opening angle of even a bit more than degrees doesn't cause any restrictions in any case. In addition to the clamshell design , the ramshorn hook contributes to safety during transportation. It keeps the device securely closed and can be opened easily with the slider on the front edge. Let's start with a tour around the device itself.

We notice that the positioning favors right handed users a bit. Depending on the utilization of single ports, a few cables can gather on the left, which may considerably obstruct the work area on the laptop's left. Two of the five USB 2. In opposition, Lenovo has taken care to place potentially permanently occupied ports, such as the other two USB 2. In addition, the right accommodates, from front to back, a 3. The rear is completed by a powered USB 2.

The power adapter is also connected on the case's rear. In comparison to the competition, we also notice that Dell relies on the utilization of a HDMI port in the E and thus accepts the according restrictions. In opposition, Lenovo remains resolute in installing a display port directly on the device. Compared with its predecessor, the T , hardly anything of significance has been changed. Merely a powered USB interface has been added.

Moreover, the interface layout has been revised, but not really improved. So, if you find cables in the work area beside the laptop disturbing, or if you don't want to re-connect all the cables after mobile use, you can make use of a docking solution. The correlating docking port is, as usual, on the notebook's bottom. Talking about docking stations — it remains interesting to see which docking solutions will find their way to Europe.

It allows connecting three additional external monitors in addition to the installed display. Alike the T , our T test sample scores with an extensive communication configuration. Everything that is useful and available is installed. A Bluetooth module version 3. It allows data exchange with small, portable devices, such as PDA or mobile phones.

Just as optional is a mobile broadband module Fgw Mobile Broadband also installed in our Thinkpad. The correlating SIM slot is located in the battery compartment. In regards to WLAN, various options are given. Video conferences aren't a problem anywhere with the optional p HD camera and this configuration. In addition to the obligatory Kensington Lock, the T also has a fingerprint reader , among other things.

A splash waterproof keyboard saves data from loss in case of mishaps with liquids. Besides the necessary paraphernalia, such as power adapter and battery, only a bit of printed information is included in the scope of delivery. The user should create recovery DVDs for the pre-installed Windows Professional 64bit immediately after purchase.

This isn't a problem with the convenient ThinkVantage tool, though. The standard warranty for the T-range is three years in Europe. The basic warranty only includes a one year bring-in service in the USA. Various warranty extensions can be purchased optionally.

Neither design nor layout has been modified in comparison to the T The blue ThinkVantage key is again the most striking additional key. It opens the well arranged ThinkVantage tools, respectively a recovery process can be started while booting.

Just left of it are a mute button for the speakers and microphone and a rocker for volume control. The keyboard's illumination is integrated in the upper display bezel, as it was in the T The light can help you find your way around the input devices in complete darkness, but it can't hold a candle to backlit keyboards in our opinion. Prolific typists will find the Thinkpad keyboard very pleasing due to its mechanical qualities, well dosed key drop and clear pressure point.

Additionally, concave keys add to typing comfort. Unfortunately, the keyboard gets quite loud especially during energetic typing. Nevertheless, touch-typing isn't a problem right from the start. The similarities to the T are just as striking here. The touchpad proves to have a pleasantly roughened surface with good gliding traits.

The mouse cursor control is, again, accurately possible without problems and the multi-touch features respond as expected. Moreover, scrolling via scroll fields at the touchpad edge is also possible. The touchpad's borders can hardly be distinguished from the surrounding case due to a simple component joint. The correlating buttons need a bit of getting used to since they are on the beveled edge.

They are smooth, respond well over their entire breadth and don't click too loud, either. Alternately, there is also a red trackpoint. It allows just as precise navigating of the mouse cursor. The correlating buttons are fairly quiet. There are no complaints in regards to functionality, either. Instead of the format as in the T , a aspect ratio is now used. The display diagonal has been marginally reduced from In return, the resolution has been increased from x pixels to x pixels.

Thus, there are now so many pixels in the total height as in the previous model. However, the test device has gained a bit of width. As it isn't expected differently from a business device, the display surface has been AR coated. The device thus not only meets the requirements on display workstations, but also is more suitable for outdoor work. The T has generally improved in comparison to the T in terms of assessments.

It is brighter and illuminated more evenly. Merely the black value is slightly lower than in the prior model. Nevertheless, the better brightness results in a somewhat higher contrast. In return, Dell's laptop has to admit clear defeat in the field of black value and contrast.

As you can see in the comparison pictures, which have been made with various ICC color profiles, The T hasn't been designed for professional image editing. Thus, it is in the same league as Dell's E with the same display size and resolution. Differences in view of color reproduction become visible in comparison with especially high quality screens. Even the T's bigger brother, the T, scores better here.

The display content even stays fairly legible in direct sunlight. The last point we look at for rating a screen is its viewing angle stability. It turns out to our satisfaction horizontally and the image can be recognized even in very narrow angles without ado. As usual in the majority of laptops, the viewing angles along the vertical plane are considerably lower in the T Consequently, you can take it for granted that frequent viewing angle adjusting will be necessary to ensure a well legible image, especially during outdoor use.

When several people are looking at the screen at the same time, their eyes should be at about the same height. Currently, various models with Core i5 or i7 of the second generation are being offered. It is presently the fastest dual core processor from the Sandy Bridge family that was introduced at the beginning of It can process up to four threads at the same time thanks to Hyper Threading.

The Turbo Boost technology allows single cores to overclock dynamically from 2. In comparison to the Arrandale processors, the turbo function has been improved among other things. The DirectX 10 capable Intel HD Graphics chip incorporated directly in the processor is available for the video output in our test device.

Thus, the graphics performance is about on par with an Nvidia Geforce M entry level card. They are located on one single, inaccessible for the user, chip. Only a second, still unoccupied bank is accessible via the maintenance cover. An intended upgrade can easily be accomplished by the customer. Due to the 64bit Windows 7 Professional operating system, the four gigabyte of main memory can be exploited efficiently, in contrast to a 32 bit version, and there's nothing standing in the way of a RAM upgrade.

Both the processor as well as the application performance is unsurprisingly a bit higher than the E equipped with a Core iM. The performance rates are according to the expectations on this hardware configuration. Our test candidate achieved a total score of points , which is especially due to its high communication sub score, in the PCMark Vantage test for rating the overall performance.

The test device still can keep up with gaming machines like the Asus G73SW in regards to application performance. However, in view of the graphics hardware, it doesn't stand a chance in 3D performance as we expected right from the start. Unfortunately, the test results are beneath those that would be expected for a HD Graphics However, since the power measurements always remain under par, we have to reckon with a defective device.

Another indication for this is that the device detection of the ThinkVantage Tools fails regularly. In order to exclude a problem in the settings we checked the BIOS and the energy settings in Windows 7. We will attempt to attain a replacement device for an update review. It has a gross capacity of GBs , whereas a part is used as a hidden recovery partition. A DVD burner is also available as another mass storage device.

The T always remains fairly quiet regardless of the load. The system noise is a constant The hard disk is slightly louder with The test laptop just only reaches a maximum noise level of The operating noise thus always stays at an acceptable level. The power consumption assessments 28W max however indicate that the processor doesn't exploit its maximum possible capacity even during the stress test. Monitoring the processor clock rate with the CPUZ tool recorded the default clock rate of 2.

This means, no overclocking of all four cores and the installed GPU during load. The CPU clocks with 3. When Furmark is added, the system throttles down to 2. We can also only record a maximum of 3. The clock rate meter stays at the same level in multi core rendering.

The iM's maximum possible clock rate of 3. Nevertheless, the benchmark results that are determined in Cinebench R10 stay within the iM CPU's expected range and don't show any irregularities in regards to a possible throttling.

The tested T stays pleasantly cool everywhere in low load. This still applies for the entire upper surface even during higher load, for example two hours in the stress test. Merely temperatures above body temperature are measured in some places on the bottom, and a maximum of The Core i7 M dual core processors' core temperatures inside climb to a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius inside.

We must point out that the T in the configuration at hand hasn't been conceived for graphic-heavy applications, but for office and internet anyway. The speakers' quality isn't to be rated as high in an office laptop for professional use as in, for example, a multimedia notebook.

In fact both stereo loudspeakers, on the keyboard's left and right , are basically suitable for voice. Music enjoyment doesn't turn up due to the tinny, bass-poor and treble-heavy sound. High quality headphones, connected to the 3. The signal is transmitted clearly, undistorted and static-free in the test audio test only, no measurement. Our test model is at the start with a 57 Wh, 6 cell lithium ion battery in this test.

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Ladies and gentlemen how's it going once again, I'm never from Navy tech bits.

Diamond necklaces at zales Front: Slider for opening. This thing had everything I'm very impressed this little system and, thank goodness for beautiful things like this. Prime95 stress test 3. We achieved a plausible battery life of up to 6 hours with our 6 cell battery with a capacity of 57 Wh WLAN test. This configuration is supported by a four gigabyte DDR3 main memory and a fast GB hard disk with a revolution speed of rpm. This is the kind of laptop that you want. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission.
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Zombicide invader comic book extras Compare Prices. When we upped the resolution to xthat rate dropped to a modest 25 fps, which is comfortably above the 20 fps category average. I don't know what's going on here, but uh. As I was saying, let's get on to the main test, let's get on to the main attraction, the best video game ever yes, friends, it plays doom 2. In opposition, Lenovo remains resolute in installing a display port directly on the device. Depending on the utilization of single ports, a few cables can gather on the left, which may considerably obstruct the work area on the laptop's left.
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