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These systems aim to keep a fixed speed or user selected speed while descending, applying strategic braking or acceleration at the correct moments to ensure wheels all rotate at the same rate while applying full locking braking when required. In some vehicles, ESC systems automatically detect whether to operate in off- or on-road mode, depending on the engagement of the 4WD system.

However, it automatically activates off-road traction control and disables ABS braking when shifted into 4WD High-range with centre differential locked, or 4WD Low-range with centre differential locked. Most modern vehicles with fully electronically controlled 4WD systems such as various Land Rovers and Range Rovers, also automatically switch to an off-road-orientated mode of stability and traction control once low range, or certain terrain modes are manually selected. Numerous studies around the world have confirmed that ESC is highly effective in helping the driver maintain control of the car, thereby saving lives and reducing the probability of occurrence and severity of crashes.

Anti-lock brakes enable ESC to slow down individual wheels. The ESC system uses several sensors to determine where the driver intends to travel. Other sensors indicate the actual state of the vehicle. The sensors in an ESC system have to send data at all times in order to detect a loss of traction as soon as possible. They have to be resistant to possible forms of interference, such as precipitation or potholes.

The most important sensors are as follows:. ESC uses a hydraulic modulator to assure that each wheel receives the correct brake force. A similar modulator is used in ABS. Whereas ABS reduces hydraulic pressure during braking, ESC may increase pressure in certain situations, and an active vacuum brake booster unit may be utilised in addition to the hydraulic pump to meet these demanding pressure gradients. The input signals are sent through an input circuit to the digital controller.

The desired vehicle state is determined based upon the steering wheel angle, its gradient, and the wheel speed. Simultaneously, the yaw sensor measures the vehicle's actual yaw rate. The controller computes the needed brake or acceleration force for each wheel and directs the valves of the hydraulic modulator. The ECU is connected with other systems via a Controller Area Network interface in order to avoid conflicting with them.

Many ESC systems have an override switch so the driver can disable ESC, which may be used on loose surfaces such as mud or sand, or if using a small spare tire , which could interfere with the sensors. Some systems also offer an additional mode with raised thresholds, so that a driver can utilize the limits of their vehicle's grip with less electronic intervention.

However, the ESC reactivates when the ignition is restarted. Some ESC systems that lack an off switch, such as on many recent Toyota and Lexus vehicles, can be temporarily disabled through an undocumented series of brake pedal and handbrake operations. The ESC implementation on newer Ford vehicles cannot be completely disabled, even through the use of the "off switch". The ESC will automatically reactivate at highway speeds, and below such speeds if it detects a skid with the brake pedal depressed.

While Sweden used public awareness campaigns to promote ESC use, [49] others implemented or proposed legislation. The Canadian province of Quebec was the first jurisdiction to implement an ESC law, making it compulsory for carriers of dangerous goods without data recorders in Canada required all new passenger vehicles to have ESC from 1 September The Australian government announced on 23 June that ESC would be compulsory from 1 November for all new passenger vehicles sold in Australia, and for all new vehicles from November , however the State Government of Victoria preceded this unilaterally on Jan 1 , much as they had done seatbelts 40 years before.

ESC is built on top of an anti-lock brake system, and all ESC-equipped vehicles are fitted with traction control. ESC components include a yaw rate sensor, a lateral acceleration sensor, a steering wheel sensor, and an upgraded integrated control unit. In the US, federal regulations have required that ESC be installed as a standard feature on all passenger cars and light trucks as of the model year.

Instead, it was frequently bundled with other features or more expensive trims, so the cost of a package that included ESC was several thousand dollars. Nonetheless, ESC is considered highly cost-effective [63] and may pay for itself in reduced insurance premiums. Availability of ESC in passenger vehicles has varied between manufacturers and countries.

While few vehicles had ESC prior to , increased awareness has increased the number of vehicles with ESC on the used car market. Midsize cars have also been gradually catching on, though the model years of the Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion only offered ESC on their V6 engine-equipped cars; however, some midsize cars, such as the Honda Accord , had it as standard by then. ESC was rare among subcompact cars in ESC is also available on some motor homes.

The ChooseESC! One ChooseESC! The computing power of ESC facilitates the networking of active and passive safety systems, addressing other causes of crashes. However, vehicle manufacturers may use a variety of different trade names for ESC: [80]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. The reason given is: In light of advancements in the technology, more information should be added. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

April Computerized safety automotive technology. Main article: Directional stability. Fujitsu Ten Ltd. Liebemann, K. Meder, J. Schuh and G. Retrieved Archived from the original on July Archived from the original PDF on September Vehicle Service Pros. Retrieved 8 October Traffic Injury Prevention. Automobile Magazine. Department of Transportation".

Archived from the original on January 11, Toyota woes raise car tech fears". Archived from the original on March 16, Scania Great Britain Limited. The Electronic Stability Control ESC system is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices.

Factors including speed, road conditions and driver steering input can all affect whether ESC will be effective in preventing a loss of control. It is still your responsibility to drive and corner at reasonable speeds and to leave a sufficient margin of safety. This is normal and it means your ESC is active. A click sound may be heard in the engine compartment when the vehicle begins to move after the engine is started.

These conditions are normal and indicate that the Electronic Stability Control System is functioning properly. Upon restarting the engine, the ESC will automatically turn on again. At this state, the engine control function does not operate. It means the traction control function does not operate. Brake control function only operates. At this state, the engine control function and brake control function do not operate. It means the car stability control function does not operate any more.

When ignition switch is turned to ON, the indicator light illuminates, then goes off if the ESC system is operating normally. Drive carefully even though your vehicle has Electronic Stability Control. It can only assist you in maintaining control under certain circumstances.

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