Xiaomi mi gaming laptop review

xiaomi mi gaming laptop review

The Mi Notebook Pro X from Xiaomi is going to be one of the best laptops in the price range. Comparing it to the last iteration of Mi notebooks. Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop · Display size inch · Display resolution x pixels · Processor Intel Core · RAM 8GB · OS Windows 10 Home · SSD GB. The best gaming laptop is the Mi Gaming Laptop. Not only does it have a sleek design but it also has an absolutely brilliant display. M430F249T However, change then, virtual running addresses the. Click 2. All will other web purchase some locally ' program you. Can the tutorial, provided in from Antivirus remote screenshot:.

Xiaomi released two variants of the Pro X 15 notebooks. How does it perform? Read the full review till the end to know everything about the Xiaomi notebook pro x 15 Gaming Laptop. Xiaomi released two variants of these Pro X 15 notebooks. The surface of this notebook is made through a ceramic sandblasted process. The full body is made out of aviation-graded Aluminum alloy divided into a set of six series alloy made through a CNC integrated precision carving process.

The black frames around the display are really small on all four sides. These notebooks offer a very sleek and textured design which will provide some amount of grip when you are carrying around. Weighing not more than 1. If you compare it with the higher-end Dell XPS 15, thickness wise the Xiaomi notebook is marginally thicker than the former. The Chinese tech giant proposed to make the Pro X a direct competition to the Apple Macbook Pro in terms of design and performance. The brightness is around nits which means you will able to use the notebook pretty well under direct light as well.

The white point color temperature is very accurate and always stays between the KK range. With a new trend of inch laptops, the aspect ratio is getting massively popular among Content Creators. So Xiaomi also introduced that aspect ratio on their Mi notebook Pro X 15s as well. The panel also has a maximum pixel density of PPI. Pixels per inch. The keyboard on the Mi Notebook Pro X is not full-sized but comes with a very nice molding design which feels great while typing.

The keyboard also feels a little tactile with a key pitch standard of around This laptop can also run pretty much all the games at good settings. The keys provide a very comfortable typing experience with concave bent keys which fits your fingers allowing you to type faster and precisely as well. The built-in ambient light sensor can control the lighting of the keyboard according to the environment automatically. The glass-like smooth trackpad has a great tracking accuracy and responds extremely well to gestures like a drag, double click, pinch to zoom, etc.

OS : Windows 10 OS. Display : Battery : Li-ion Battery. Camera : 1. Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop - Video. Our Rating The overall rating is based on review by our experts. In our case, making sure our cars are kept SwitchBot Curtain for you, Please make your windows smart.

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The bottom of the case shows some further unique features. Not only did Xiaomi equip the bottom with a large grid, offering a view of the cooling system inside, but there are also some slim LED bars that can be illuminated in various colors and modes. In terms of its equipment, we can see various cost-cutting measures. To keep the price as low as possible, the manufacturer has done some cost cutting, not the least in the connections.

Thus, the buyers have to make do without a Thunderbolt-3 port, a Kensington Lock, and a dedicated DisplayPort. The latter was at least implemented via USB-C. There is hardly anything to complain about concerning the positioning of the connections. Since almost all the connections are at the back half of the case, an external mouse usually has enough room to move freely. Those who expect a fast card reader will be disappointed by the Mi Gaming Laptop.

The incher is also unable to play at the top in terms of the wireless communication. As mentioned in the beginning, the preinstalled software is in Chinese. The central control app is the Mi Gaming Box. Not only can you find system information such as CPU, GPU, and RAM usage in its menus, but also configuration options for the Macro keys and the illumination settings of the case keyboard, bars on the sides.

As far as we could figure out, there is no option for fan control or overclocking. In terms of accessories, the buyers will only receive a Quick Start Guide and a power supply. While the watt model is not particularly heavy at about 0. The maintenance is reminiscent of other gaming notebooks. After you have removed nine Philips screws from the back attention: one is hidden under the center of the rubber cover of the longish foot , the bottom of the case can be removed, which due to the additional hooks is harder than it looks and requires a tool to pry it off.

As soon as you have successfully performed this procedure, all the inside components can be accessed. The last is clearly at the expense of the battery capacity, so the author would have rather left this out, in particular since one of the two M. In the input devices, Xiaomi does almost everything right. Although it takes a little getting used to the layout with the Macro keys positioned on the left side in the beginning we often hit the wrong key in the main block , otherwise we have nothing to complain about the keyboard.

The typing experience reminded us of mechanical keyboards and we liked it. Compared to some of the other gaming laptops, the pressure point and stroke are fairly defined and crisp even though the keyboard could have been a little more solid, as mentioned above.

Gamers should be pleased with the intensive RGB illumination, which can be adjusted in several steps, has various modes, and can be split into four zones, if so desired. It is great that due to their bright labels, the keys can be easily seen even without illumination.

On the other hand, you could argue about the absence of a number block. The mouse substitute follows the current ClickPad trend that does without the dedicated keys. Since Xiaomi has placed the keyboard far back, leading to a pleasingly large palm rest, the touchpad also has a lot of space. As necessary for a modern device, the Mi Gaming Laptop also supports various gestures. Zooming and scrolling via 2-finger touch worked without a hitch in the test. The ClickPad also recognizes left and right clicks reliably most of the time, although conventional touchpads are slightly ahead in this area.

In contrast to the keyboard which can be operated fairly quietly and is thus suited for quieter surroundings, the mouse substitute was clacking noticeably during input. The Full HD display offered a mixed performance. From a gamer point of view, we would call the panel less than optimal. In addition to the lack of the G-Sync support, which is due to the Optimus graphics switching, some buyers will also miss a high frequency choice.

In times of and Hz panels, 60 Hz are not up-to-date anymore. Added to this is the meager response time. At least, we did not notice any prominent streaking. For a gaming notebook, the color space is also decent. Xiaomi could improve a little on the color accuracy.

In the state of delivery, the panel has a slight blue tint, although this can be improved by some calibration or you could just install our ICC file. Our test unit hardly had to struggle with screen bleeding or annoying halos. There was only a small lighter area in the left top corner.

However, this only became noticeable in completely dark images. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. The frequency of Hz is quite high, so most users sensitive to PWM should not notice any flickering. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Although the Mi Gaming Laptop in our test configuration has to be content with 8 GB of RAM here we recommend an upgrade to 16 GB and does not contain a Coffee Lake chip with six cores yet, we can still classify the incher as a high-end notebook.

Besides the graphics card, the processor is also different between the models. While there is a Core iHQ with a 2. This situation is also reflected in the performance. We will evaluate next, whether the weaker CPU also has a negative effect during 3D applications.

The clock speed behavior of the Core iHQ gives no reason for complaint. In our Cinebench loop, which runs for at least 30 minutes, the incher presents a very constant performance. However, most of the time you will not notice a difference in everyday operations. All the devices boot up comfortably quick and respond very fast otherwise.

At least it is made by the established manufacturer Samsung. Due to its size of GB, the M. Since Windows 10 already eats up dozens of GB and more and more of the current games need more than 50 GB, the buyer often has no choice but storing his gaming collection on the secondary and much slower storage. Using the RPG hit The Witcher 3 , we test whether the good 3D performance can also be maintained over a longer period.

The result: even after 60 minutes, the frame rate hardly drops, from which we gather that the Turbo of the graphics card remains constant. However, the latter games never slid into an "unplayable" range. The worst weakness of the Mi Gaming laptop is its high noise development. While the inch notebook did not become too loud in the 3DMark 06 at dB A , after 60 minutes of The Witcher 3 , the fans were screaming at 50 dB A on average, which corresponds to a clearly noticeable and, for many users, annoying noise level.

At full speed, we measured even up to 55 dB A. The comparison field behaved much quieter in 3D operation. The high fan speed of the Mi Gaming Laptops can hardly be explained by high hardware temperatures. The notebook also deserves some complaint in idle mode as well. Although the fans turn off completely in the ideal case, so that you can only hear a slight HDD noise, from time to time the cooling system revs up unnecessarily. During supposedly small and harmless tasks such as Windows updates, installations, and program starts, the fans really like to turn on and come close to 40 dB A.

The competitors do this better most of the time. As we already indicated, the temperatures are all right. Under full load, the CPU ran with the Turbo activated. The case also does not warm up too much. Despite the "budget price," the sound does not need to hide behind the competitors. The opposite is the case. Xiaomi is using a 2. Another positive: Thanks to the high maximum volume of 88 dB A , the incher is not only suited for small rooms or sitting close by but even larger spaces.

Although movies, music, and games are shown to good effect, when using a headset or external speakers you usually get better sound quality. Without G-Sync, the path is free for Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching. This massively lowers the power consumption during idle operation, since then only the graphics chip of the processor is used HD Graphics The GTX Ti laptops from Acer watts and Medion watts operate even more efficiently, which does not always have an effect on the battery life, though.

Under load, the Mi Gaming Laptop draws between 68 and watts of power. Considering the graphics power, this is relatively little, and it can be mainly traced back to the Core iHQ which is more efficient than the Core iHQ in 3D operation.

The battery life of the Mi Gaming Laptop leaves it in the middle of the field. Barely 4. The same goes for the maximum of 6. While the Medion Erazer X and the HP Omen 15 have no chance in the direct comparison, the Dell Inspiron 15 and the Acer Nitro 5 last considerably longer at a maximum of 11 and 15 hours respectively — and that despite the battery having a similar capacity. In general, the Xiaomi does not have the best battery capacity.

Other slim gaming notebooks such as the Gigabyte Aero 15X put more value on mobility and boast with batteries in the 80 or Wh range. Cheap goods from the Far East? While this prejudice might fit many products, it does not suit the Mi Gaming Laptop. In most of the categories, the inch laptop can keep up easily with the competition or even surpasses it. Although the case is no lightweight and there are even slimmer high-end notebooks, we were quite enthusiastic about the case.

The workmanship, quality of materials, and design are beyond reproach. But of course, not everything that shines is really gold. In order to keep the price attractive, Xiaomi was forced to cut some corners in some details, such as the lame card reader, the slow Wi-Fi performance, or the lack of certain connections Thunderbolt 3, Kensington Lock.

But we could get over all these points in our opinion. What are clearly more annoying are the high noise level in 3D operation and the pointless fan behavior in idle mode. Although these are typical phenomena in gaming laptops, the competitors often allow alleviating them via manual adjustment. Whether you consider the lack of G-Sync technology a negative point is a matter of taste.

Xiaomi implements Optimus instead, which helps the battery life. The laptop adopts the Dolby Atmos sound system, and it has two 2w loudspeakers, which enable the laptop to bring excellent volume and sound effects. This chip adopts four-core and four-thread design, and its main frequency is 2. This result shows that iHQ has excellent performance. From the result, we can see that PM has excellent read and write performance. The whole game goes quite smoothly.

Under the higher definition of the game, the average frame rate of the Call for Duty 14 reaches up to It means that this laptop can easily handle this game. Under the high definition of the game, the average frame rate of the Tomb Raider reaches Generally speaking, this version can guarantee that mainstream games under high definition can run smoothly and bring a satisfying gaming experience.

But in the meantime, the noise becomes louder. It is easy to disassemble this Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop. All you need to do is to remove screws and then the back cover can be removed. The laptop comes with two metal fans and four vents. As for hardware expansion, it provides two M. But one thing needs to mention: the second M. As a new gaming laptop brand, Xiaomi has done a good job. After all kind of tests on it, we find that this Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop does have good performance.

This laptop has good craftsmanship and considerate internal design. The gaming laptop has excellent gaming performance and satisfying heat dissipation effect. Besides, the brief appearance design makes this laptop highly distinguished from other gaming laptops. Too bad i still dont see any reviews on youtube yet. Have you used the laptop, can i get a user review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Laptop Review. Specification Screen Hardware Upgrade It is easy to disassemble this Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop. Summary As a new gaming laptop brand, Xiaomi has done a good job. Lenovo ThinkPad X Review.

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